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LX Challenge 2013: Round 4 Confirmations
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Quote from dekojester :As matter of record:

The following did NOT confirm a yes or no response for Round 4:
9 Miłosz Garbolewski (AsnL) [1st offence]
12 Arttu Ylöstalo (sMasHMoLTH) [2nd consecutive offence]
13 Jan Kaplavka (K0Z3L_43V3R) [1st offence]
21 Matt Kingsbury (Mustangman759) [1st offence]
27 Mindaugas Stankus (Mindaugas S.) [1st offence]
37 Carl Lefrancois (carllefrancois) [1st offence]
41 Frank Sinchety (franky.s) [1st offence]
44 Kasper Kontio (RoamerF1) [2nd consecutive offence]
52 Tomáš Korený (Denny12) [1st offence]
53 Zlati Zlatev (kochomoch) [1st offence]
69 Dustin Dawes (dawesdust_12) [1st offence]
77 Visa Lehtimäki (ramla) [1st offence]
86 László Kovács (Lacko86) [1st offence]
88 Ricardo Costa (Otone) [1st offence]

The following CONFIRMED (or were confirmed for) YES but for, but did not attend Round 4 (no-showed):

18 Mark Berends (shaggymark) [1st offence]
87 Niko Puntola (nikopdr) [1st offence]

Remember, as per the NDR Sporting Code, an entrant will be dropped from the entry list after failing to confirm for two consecutive rounds, or three total rounds in a season. An entrant may be dropped from the entry list after failing to appear after confirming attendance over the same time span.

i talked to you on skype about this and said u put a mark on me
In my defense, I only regained posting privilege at like 2 AM PDT today.
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LX Challenge 2013: Round 4 Confirmations
(27 posts, closed, started )