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V: USB Load Cell Interface BU0836-LC + 2 Hall Sensors
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V: USB Load Cell Interface BU0836-LC + 2 Hall Sensors

Load cell amplifier with USB joystick interface. Based on popular BU0836. Plug-n-Play USB - fully supported by Windows and Mac OS X.
  • 1 load cell input
    • 10 bit resolution (1000+ steps)
    • Sensitivity (full scale output) - 10mV
    • Load cell powered from USB bus
  • 7 analog inputs - 10 bit resolution each
  • 32 buttons
  • 8-way ‘point-of-view’ hat switch
  • PCB size - 2.1"×1.7" (54×43mm)
  • Fully self-contained interface
  • Native support by Windows XP/2000/Me and Mac OS X
  • Serial number makes OS to remember each device
  • Powered from USB bus
  • Full-speed 12Mb USB connection
  • 250 position reports per second
  • Custom modifications
    • Two independent load cell channels
    • Bidirectional force meausrement (force-sensitive joystick, etc.)
    • Higher/lower gain
How to use
  • Works with any load cell
  • Buttons and switches connected in 6x6 scan matrix
    • ..with diodes if there will be 3+ depressed simultaneously
    • diodes if buttons used only momentarily
    • First 32 buttons are standard joystick buttons
    • Last 4 buttons make a point-of-view hat (coolie) switch
  • No drivers or support software needed. Just plug it in
  • Use in any game that needs joystick - FS2004, X-Plane, racing, etc
  • Calibration curves and deadzones can be tweaked with DIView
Construction tips
  • How to connect load cell?
    • Excitation voltage (load cell's IN) to +5v and Gnd terminals
    • Load cell output to -IN and +IN terminals
    • If load cell cable is shielded, connect the shield to Gnd
    • Example of load cell instructions and connected wires
  • What to do with unused inputs?
    • Unconnected buttons will appear as not pressed
    • Unused analog inputs are automatically disabled. They will reappear when connected and controller is restarted.
  • Which pots are the best?
    • Any value from 1kOhm to 100kOhm will work but the optimum is around 10kOms. Higher value pots pick up more noise, lower value - draw more current from USB bus
    • Not only the pot itself but wiring is important too. Use shielded wires, if possible. If the pot has metal case, connect it to Gnd as well
    • Use linear pots (taper B.) Avoid non-linear, log pots with tapers A, D or Y used in volume level controls
    • Try to use pot's travel range as fully as possible
  • Some basic knowledge of electronics from your side will help a lot!

Für alle Bastler unter euch verkaufe ich folgendes Produkt:

Meine Auktion: ... wItem&item=9732639750

In Kurzform: das Teil ist ein USB Interface speziell für Eingabegeräte für Simulationsspiele.

Folgende Anschlussmöglichkeiten sind gegeben:
[*] 1 Wägezelle (load cell)
[*] 7 analoge Eingänge mit einer Auflösung von 10 Bit!
[*] Eine Matrix für 32 Buttons
[*] 8-Weg Coolie-Hat

Von der Größe her ist es ca. so groß wie eine Zündholzschachtel und funktioniert mit den Standard-Treibern von Windows - Ergo ist keine händische Implementierung von irgendwelchen Treibern nötig.

Ein vergleichbares Produkt wie zum Beispiel das Plasma Lite kostet in etwa 250 Euro.

Zudem könnt ihr von mir noch zusätzlich 2 Hallsensoren haben.

Ich hatte es ursprünglich angekauft, da ich geplant hatte mir selbst ein Pedalset zusammenzubauen - scheitert aber so wies aussieht am Zeitmangel..

Bei Fragen bitte an mailen!
Thanks for taking the time to post this bberger.
I've been looking for something that would do all this for ages.

Has anyone had any experience with a module like this ?

If anyone is looking for example load cell / pressure sensors, this site has some good examples ....

Nice one Niels

My missus is gonna kill me when she finds out what i'm going to HAVE to buy
#5 - bal00
Did you end the auction early?
Estoy usando esta interfaz, pero el juego LFS no me la reconoce.. alguna ayuda para poder usar mi pedalera ?

V: USB Load Cell Interface BU0836-LC + 2 Hall Sensors
(6 posts, started )