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GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Qualifying
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GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Qualifying
Qualifying for Round 4 of the 2013 GT1 World Series will take place on Friday, 8 March 2013.

To leave the track less crowded and allow for extra opportunity at clear laps, we are splitting the eligible field into two groups.

For Round 5, Group 1 will be GT1-Pro cars; Group 2 will be GT1-Am cars.

Each group gets 30 minutes of track time; the result will be combined. Only one driver per car; and no driver may be in server during another group's session. Telepitting / Shift+S and rejoining is permitted.


19:00 UTC: Group 1 Qualifying (GT1-Pro, 30 minutes)
19:40 UTC: Group 2 Qualifying (GT1-Am, 30 minutes)

For this round, we will continue the combined replay scheme that was used at Westhill and Kyoto. The Pro session will be done as a normal /qual=30, but after they complete, the time will be extended to 70 minutes for the Am teams to see the times they're up against while in the session. There will be no restarting of the session between the two groups.
GT1-Pro is complete, GT1-Am teams may now join.
#67 and #75 will start from pits, but we should be there.

Sorry for any inconvenience

GT1WS 2013 Round 5: Qualifying
(3 posts, started )