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New FXO interior!
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New FXO interior!
Hello everyone.

This is my first work so feel free to criticize it

This interior is based on Corvette C6 interior, of course a lot of changes had to be done to fit this in FXO
Also this interior comes with new steering wheel and front seat textures.

For the headlights and taillight I used Smoves 'FXO/FXR Light Concept', so its not my work.
Link to his thread:

New FXO interior:

Download link:
Nice interior! I really like it!
nice work
Very nice!
#6 - smove
Quality work!
Quote from smove :Quality work!

especially lights
Nice Work!
Oh wow, this is really impressive! Any chance to see it on FXR aswell? Or it already works both ways? Sorry, I'm noob.
Crying in a dark corner of my room.
Quote from bogdani.cojocaru :Or it already works both ways?

it does u just miss out some stuff cause one is roadcar and the other is racecar.

good stuff there!
When i test open "invalid command line"

New FXO interior!
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