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Round 7 - UF 1000 @ Fern Bay Cadet Rev.
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Round 7 - UF 1000 @ Fern Bay Cadet Rev.

Mo., 12th Nov. 2012, 19.30h (UTC)

Fern Bay Cadet Rev. (FE1Y_F11)

sunset cloudy (2), no wind (0)

UF 1000 (UF1)

no qualification, starting grid by Tracker
2 Sprints à 26 laps racedistance with mandatory pitstop in each of it. The starting grid of the second race will be reserved by the number of half the finishers of the first race.

half points for each sprint according to the current pointing scheme

The tracker can be found on on the bottom of the following page:

The pre-event lap requirement of 52 laps must be served until 18.00h UTC on the raceday. As this is an open configuration, you must serve your minimum laps on your corresponding Grid Server. Grid 1 drivers on the Grid 1 server, Grid 2 on the Grid 2 server and Grid 3 and Waiting List drivers on the Grid 3 server.
Signed-Up drivers who cannot race this round (including those who fail to meet the lap requirement) must state their absence by posting in the corresponding CityLiga forum thread (link). Failure to do so will result in a 60 point penalty on the first occasion and in an exclusion from the series after the second occasion. This procedure also applies to waiting list drivers.

The IceWolves server crashed and therefore the CityLiga Tracker as well. Minimum laps cannot be checked and the Grid cannot be set by Tracker times. The minimum laps requirement will be lifted for today as consequence to this server issue and the race will be started based on a 15 minute qualifying session with no special regulations.
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Round 7 - UF 1000 @ Fern Bay Cadet Rev.
(4 posts, closed, started )