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GT1WS 2013: Online dating service
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Name: Przemek Wdowiarz
Experience: amount of races on high level (GT1WS, IGTC, GT2WS)
Other qualities: I can provide good sets if needed, I am able to train nearly every day. I am decent driver pace-wise.
How to contact you: PM, skype, msn (both on my profile)

I'm looking for FZR team only for upcoming South City round.
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Tera Racing for Round 5
Hey, we are short-term searching for a FZR-Pro driver for Round 5!
We may also be in need for both FZR and XRR. Let me know if interested.
Driver searches team for 12 hour race
Name: Joe Letteriello
Experience: Round 1 and Round 4 of GT1
other qualities: I pick up on things quick
How to contact you: here
Team searches driver: Team Rock Racing
Car: XRR
Class: PRO
Goal: You have to be, consistant, a dedicated driver, friendly personality!
How to contact: PM me or add me to Skype: Rock_Team_Boss if not able to find, search for name Team Rock Racing on Skype
Team Searches Driver
#62 Green Angus Racing - XRR

Suddenly most of my drivers figured out that they have university exams coming up.

Goal is to finish and have fun

We have a setup and a teamspeak, and a practice server. Group practice Tuesday night, free driving advice from Concept Racing guys who are driving our FZR.

Please PM, would need to be Am rated driver, we already have a Pro on the lineup.
Team searches driver: rForce
Car: FZR
Class: Am
Goal: is to finish last race
How to contact: PM me

Puma can't participate so we need one or more driver...
Quote from CodeLyoko1 :who doesn't

well. I think he means that they havea decent set where they don´t ned to do much working on. There are many teams wich are tweaking until the race. So you can be sure you can practise with a set and don´t get a surprise after 2 days...

Don´t be a ass
...thank you...exactly

the fact that we are looking for a driver 6 days before the race may suggest that we are a disorganised cluster %^$@ ... not the case, just trying to assure an in-coming driver that we are prepared, we had 3 guys lined up and ready to go, the 3 of us agreed on a setup and strategy then school stuff came up for one of the guys and he is no longer available.

an incoming driver is not going to walk into this race with us to find he has been paired with two unprepared fools. We have 2 guys ready to go but the 45% rule for this race requires 3 drivers.

GT1WS 2013: Online dating service
(35 posts, started )