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Manually shifting in Auto mode. [FIXED]
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Manually shifting in Auto mode. [FIXED]
Hello. This is the third of fourth time this has happened to me throughout the years of LFS. If I'm in Auto, and I manually shift (up or down) simultaneously as the car auto shifts, it places me in first gear.

Replay attached. It shows me manually shifting from 3rd to 4th and sending it to 1st gear. Lap 2/5 3:09:00 - shift bug
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Lap 2^s5 3^c09^c00 - shift bug.mpr - 49.7 KB - 204 views
Did you change the shift modus setting recently (and if, while an other player connected)?
I usually keep my gear mode on automatic, and change if it need be. It was just myself on the server, if that's what you're asking.
Without watching the replay I guess the issue is to shift up while the game was already shifting, so the car is in neutral and then it goes one gear up, so it ends on 1st gar.

LFS just should ignore user requests while changing gear, but it could not be that trivial to do.
Just happned to me in FZR
Here is the SPR replay with reproduction of bug. I used keyboard at replay so definitely no chance I done that with H shifter. I just pressed shift down button while autogears where changing gear from 3rd to 4th.
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gear up problem.spr - 6 KB - 192 views
Thanks, this should now be fixed in Test Patch U6:

EDIT: Daniel's replay now shows the message "Avoided GEAR_REVERSE" and then goes OOS - which is what should happen.

Manually shifting in Auto mode. [FIXED]
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