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So hi my name in game is RaZ, i'm really a big fan of that FBM server, but when i play i write in chat " hi i'm new ^^", some starts to say oh damn gtfo of the server etc.., beside that the big problem is when you touch one guy(from the douchbags racers) they just start to vote kick or ban me and tell his friends kick him and its just like every DAY always getting kicked when he crash me i just say "" that vote kick/ban should be removed and PUT SOME ADMINS there.
Could you please give us more information, like names, replays or screenshots, so we could check it out.
Quote from Crizze :Could you please give us more information, like names, replays or screenshots, so we could check it out.

Sorry im a noob but id say dont you have something called logs in lfs servers ?
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Yes, we have logs, but they are very big so to investigate anything would require more information such as usernames involved and specifc dates/times of any incidents. Also, they would only show chat and voteban actions, not what actually happened on the track. To investigate race incidents, we would ask you to save a replay, upload it to a file sharing site and then post it here with the relevant details: ... opic.php?f=24&t=33693

Some general advice for you - if you are getting a bad reaction to announcing the fact you are new, then why do it? We have many newbies but also some experienced racers online, and we need to try to get along. Also, if people are regularly vote-banning you, then there must be some reason. If you have caused an incident then rather than saying "" which kind of indicates you think it's funny, then try "sorry" instead. Even as a more experienced racer, I have this on one of my wheel buttons and will always use it if I so much as make light contact with someone else BEFORE they have a chance to write an angry message. It defuses a lot of situations.

Regarding admins, we have too many as it is. Whenever I check there is normally one online somewhere. But however many we have, it's impossible to guarantee there will be one online 24 hours a day!
Yeah, I've been there and done that. One of the best things that I've learned is to go to the OUTSIDE of turn 1 and slow down. This shows that you're being respectful and staying out of harms way. Also, this happened to me yesterday, try making easy friends my stating "Good Pass" or "Good Race" when need be. I made contact with a friend and we were cool about 'cause 1) it was the last lap and 2) he knew I didn't mean it and got me back the next race without wrecking us.

Keep a cool head and try to stay positive.