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Boothy, can you send passwords to me please ? Thanks.
Quote from mc0676 :So for prequal u'll consider only the best time for each time and not a medium of the best 3 driver for each team ?

Didn't have time to reply last night , but yes it will be the best time for each team, not a three driver average - would be a bit unfair to announce it at this late stage and I'd have to change the tracker

Pierre, the current password is "moe", I've PM'd you the pre-qualifying one as well.
Will the best pre-qualifying lap have to be a Airio valid hotlap?
I think the timer is wrong on the site. It's either 4 or 1 hours left till the prequalifying. Which is correct?
i hope 4 (3.59 from now) !

Given the current registration numbers, the target field proportions will be 12 GT1s and 20 GT2s.

This number is to be used as a reference only, and is not binding. The proportion may be modified by the admins in the future, depending on the number of teams in each class who actually participate in pre-qualifying, changing numbers of registrants between now and the end of pre-qualifying, and the performance of teams in each class.

The final class proportions will be announced by 16:00 UTC on Friday, January 6. All teams who are within 5 positions of the target split after pre-qualifying should be ready to participate in the official qualifying session at 19:00 UTC on Friday, in case the proportions change.
One other thing:

Though it was not mentioned in the PM sent out regarding pre-qualifying, each team's fastest driver in pre-quali MUST drive in the race. The rest of the lineup can be changed leading up to race day, but the fastest pre-quali driver must remain in the lineup and must participate in the race.
Yet another thing!

Please remember to use proper naming during pre-qualifying. Don't complain if your laps are not counted, if you don't use proper naming!
Pre-quali is now underway. To refresh some info:
  • Skin is not required
  • Proper naming IS required
  • All of a team's drivers may participate in pre-quali
  • Multiple drivers may be on-track at the same time for each team
  • The fastest driver from each team MUST race, if the team makes the cut
  • Shift-p/s are allowed
Good luck, everyone!
any tracker for this?
Quote from Fuse5 :any tracker for this?

i think they might of reset airio stats or something, so i presume just !top GTx
Just to clarify, could you make a Qualying thread, and say how many teams get into their seperate classes fx. GT1 (/12) and GT2 (/20)?
Tracker says we (71) have FZ2 :|
It looks like i did 125 laps last night
No, thats a number for your whole team. Momo did quite a few stints afaik
Well, i said it looks like.. i figured that out since i did only like.. 65 laps
lacks the time my Team , why?
Quote from malcomax :lacks the time my Team , why?

Quote from baSh0r :Note that this is only updated when the tracker is started. It's not an ongoing feed, as the tracker does not run all the pre-qualifying time.

Quote from Fuse5 :any tracker for this?

Was an answer for that not for you Dennis
Quote from MoMo92i :Was an answer for that not for you Dennis

Sorry for the inconvience.
teamName: Playerzone
class: GT2
car: XRR
- {malcomax, Max Bartolotta, Italia}
- {imamura72,Cristiano Menicucci,SanMarino}
- {Lombardi, Vincent Lombardi, Turkey}
- {NOS.Alex, Alessio Mangano, Italy}
- {vincper, Holly Wong, Netherlands}
- {Il Nonno, Pietro Nelli, Italy}

in the tracker is not updated Team GT2