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Battlefield 3 Support
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Battlefield 3 Support
If I can get a hold of the RCON documentation from DICE, I might add BF3 support to PRISM. From what I have seen, it's going to be much more basic then the current power we have with the LFS packets.
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You plan to add other games into PRISM too?

Not sure if any other sim racing games have an interface like InSim in LFS, but it would be interesting to get some other sim racing games on it too if you're planning on adding BF3.
GRID / Dirt / Dirt 2 / Dirt 3 support InSim by the way.
Anything to works on the TCP/IP or UDP/IP stack will work on with PRISM. We just have to set it up to make sure it understands the packets that are coming in. That's really all there is too it.
I've yet to hear anything back from DICE. But I've asked in their Twitter and on the Battlefield 3 forums. With any luck, I will get a response.
Quote from Bmxtwins :Offtopic: any chance u have the file to host a server too

If he did, he would be my best friend FOREVER!

We are up to BF3 PC Server R8, the doc is for R3. I hope this still works.
Unfortunately I haven't gone looking for the server package yet, but I'll see what I can dig up I believe that the rcon protocol hasn't changed, so that documentation should still be fine. But, I've not tested it so don't take that as gospel

Battlefield 3 Support
(12 posts, started )