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Do you want a GTAL 2012?
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Poll : Shall there be another GTAL Season?

Do you want a GTAL 2012?
Do you feel that conditions in the LFS community are right to support a new season of GTAL at this point in time ? Provide your vote here.

If NO; offer an explanation as to why you feel that way.
No, because I feel there has been plenty or GT2 running already this year already and I can't see the demand for it being there as much as last year.
you hardly race anymore anyways dom, from what ive seen idk if you do smaller leagues etc. But GTAL will put any league of out business, combined with some GT2ws stuff, like pre qual etc, i think it would offer a wider spectrum of teams and people to race the league making it fair for everyone. GTAL is a must have in LFS
Well, GTAL helps develop the drivers who will play lfs for the next year or so. That can be seen as the drivers who have been racing most of the leagues in lfs over the last 2 years have all come from GTAL, you had Seb, Maddee, Simon, Saidl then last year me, Joni, Heijerman, Alen, Matti, Robin. Some were heard of before GTAL, but not all. More drivers like that would be great for LFS and I'll help in anyway I can
#5 - CSF
But that is part of the problem, all of those drivers have passed through now, and I'd bet the rest are in GT2WS already... would GTAL not be better suited waiting for a patch?
if GTAL waits for a patch, there is no more GTAL.
#7 - CSF
Well at the moment there is barely an LFS without a patch. Every year it gets harder to decide who's a "rookie" and who isn't, and without a doubt this would be the hardest year yet.
Damn, i've read after the explanation just after i voted. Here i am, naked in my full beauty.:static:

Well imo it's obvious, as there isn't enough "new" drivers and too many series running similar settings. Rule about not participating in MoE or IGTC isn't so valid anymore, if you want to keep the field full-ish, so the "amateur" part isn't so valid either.

I feel like i've gone on pessimistic downwards spiral though, take this with some reserve.
No, because it has been replaced by GT2WS, which is more or less the same league without GTAL's light restrictions on drivers.

Since there's not enough new teams to fill 2 grids, can't see the point of having two extremely similar leagues.

But of course there could perhaps be a possibility to introduce a sort of "amateur trophy" in GT2WS, open to "rookie" teams(ie, with little league racing experience, or little endu experience), in order to allow them to fight for some honours aswell.
I would like to see a return of GTAL with a 2012 season, as the GT2WS is over soon and the Super GT Series will provide GT1 and GT3, hence I would like to continue racing in GT2 class. But I guess I have another sight on this topic as I haven't driven that much GT2 races as the most others.

However, I'm expecting that it won't be as full as in the previous season but still it will almost reach the amount of teams like in GT2WS.
No because only 'nubs' can race so that eliminates 100% of the good drivers
You'd be able to race it then
If I can still drive GTAL, new season would be awesome
There is more talent out there. if you guys run another season it will be a good thing. I would love to compete. There are drivers who are and who are not aliens, it will still be a good season even without as many new "aliens" to be discovered.
I agree with Chris, there isnt many NEW drivers out there like a lot of us in the past thriving on fame via the GTR scene.

you may of already thought of this, but here is an idea for deko & the team..

Keep the same concept of the league, but add a little extra, for example, one big league (with the pre-qual as ive already stated).. make 2 results tables, 1 for EVERY TEAM, and one for ROOKIE & EXPERIENCED teams (pro's maybe) so you can have a rookie championship and an experienced one, maybe add in a drivers championship at the end of the season, top 10 drivers or teams (top 5 pro & top 5 rookie) whatever way you like, would go head to head in a one off special event for the chance of the league winner(s) to take another special victory.

I would like to see the idea of the nations cup or whatever its called i cant remember, hosted by Team Vires, and do a points table for the participating nations.

Lastly.. FZR, FXR & XRR points table added on to one of the previous.

I think some people may already of thought of this, and yes, i think it would be very time consuming, but if the people are willing to volunteer (such as myself) if im not participating or have time afterwards, to help out with the league management side of things, i think it would be a great success.

I would love to see GTAL back in action, but i agree it needs some changes to have a full grid every race.

edit: i didnt read Yanns post fully
Put GTAL on an ice block like MoE, and get some TBO Endurance here. Seriously, we've waited way too long for that. GTRs can be put on hold (especially coming off IGTC and GT2WS and now onto SuperGT, another one isn't needed this year).
Or just let true amateurs compete.
like me :P
#19 - Emyn
New season would be great
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Yes, because I really want to do an entiere season this time
Well I have seen some french and belgium teams (at least 3) that were interested in GT2 racing but that were feeling that GT2WS was a too high level serie for them so they waited for GTAL.

I like pretty much Yann's idea of making an amateur trophy in GT2WS almost something like Blancpain Endurance Series are doing btw (with teams and not driver ofc). But it looks like GT2WS have some strong grid and half of the GT2WS field can be GTAL top teams. If you add to them some new teams (and there are still some), teams that want to use GTAL as a development league like probably Vires, Genuine and probably CoRe, and then some teams that have never been involved in GTAL but that may be interested (there is still plenty of german team in LFS)...

EDIT : I like Phil's idea but the problem is that I can't do GTAL but I want to do some TBO racing !
Yep, TBO endurance races would be great.
Now you make a GT2ws and with this probably GTAL is dead.
In past years it looked like GTAL was that 3rd world prestigious leage (MoE>IGTC>GTAL) and when you're creating similar leagues it wont help you and your competitors which leage chose. because now nobody konws which is more or less prestigious (for advanced) and less for a newcomers. Also problem is like ITS NOT SO MANY NEW Drivers comes to lfs community, from season to season is more advanced people than fresh drivers. In 2010 when in GTAL that rules about drivers wasn't clear for everyone i've sayed something about change "amateur" from the league because level wasn't that amateur or just change that drivers rules because then in 2010 it was a problem who's better who's not but nobody care about. You just didn't fix old problem, just make another league.
edit: now the question is:
you create gt2ws to fix it or just make new problems? If yes its quite good solution but you should earlier say to people who wanted to start in gtal that there will be no more gtal series.
GT2WS should've had the GTAL teams in it. Literally have teams sign up as pro or amatuer, and then sort through the amatuer teams to see if they classify or not etc. Running two leagues for the same thing but segregating the people in the down-spiral that we know as the LFS population is not the smart choice. Just create a popular league that is fresh and everyone can enjoy (even if it wasn't team based I wouldn't care and might just do it for fun), and then you have momentum going into next year. Running GTAL will have 15-20 teams if you are lucky, and by the end of the season the grid might be so low that it kills your motivation. You could disagree with me now, as I would expect, but it would be no different to the MoE decline, except the fact that this segregates more toward only allowing amatuers, eventhough MoE "only allowed pros" which isn't exactly true when it came down to its last couple years.

Back to work. I say we just make a community league. Literally make polls and use the community to dictate the league. At the state of LFS, restricting anything is just asking for a pile crap at your door step.
#25 - CSF
GT2WS was not there to replace GTAL. It was for everyone to drive and take part in, basically because there were so many who wanted to do GTAL who couldn't because they were clearly over the "restrictions."
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Do you want a GTAL 2012?
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