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Two minotors with SoftTH and LFS,rFactor,NFS Shift 2
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Two minotors with SoftTH and LFS,rFactor,NFS Shift 2
my main monitor is my Dell`s N5010(laptop) which is 1366X768 and secondary right monitor 1280X768. ---Mobility Radeon HD 5650 ---| --- 11.4 Catalyst--- |--- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit ---
Monitors set to extended ( 2 works as 1 )

1)rFactor works perfect with SoftTH 2.05 ,it automaticaly set the resolution to 2646x768 (1366+1280) full screen.

2)NFS Shift 2 works too with 2.05 ,again it automaticaly finds the two monitors and sets the resolution to 2646x768.But the colors are not realistic ingame..

3)With LFS I tried 2.05 ,but no automatic set of resolution,and no custom resolutions in Screen options ingame.
With 1.06 i have some custom resolutions in Screen options ingame,but there is no 2646x768. And the other custom resolution dont work properly.

Can somebody tell me ,how to get two monitors to work in LFS,and what to write in SoftTH.config ,and how to make colours realistic in NFS Shift 2.
For LFS, given that you are running a 5 Series Radeon card is that you probably can run it in EyeFinity. Go into your catalyst driver, click on Display & Monitors (or something), click on the downwards arrow thing on the top right hand corner of a monitor, and click CREATE GROUP. From there, just follow instructions. Then in LFS, just reconfigure it to run 2 screens, (one main, one auxiliary)
[my apologies if this is not applicable to the new SoftTH, but for the old V1.08-09]:

Sorry, I just doubled checked your SoftTH resolutions and they are not even tri monitor resolutions. Aren't they supposed to be something like 1366 + 2*1280 = 3926 px wide?

You aren't even running SoftTH settings in the game. SoftTH is supposed to emulate a three monitor setup, whether you have it or not. You render three, but for you, you run two.
First thing that came to mind.

... with softTH

It works with Eyefinity ... for the first time i use it Nice
How did you get your camera to position correctly in rF? when i use softTH 2 the "centre" of the screen is off to the left, then when i move the camera to the left the proportions are all wrong because it is still rendering the view as if the camera is looking in the wrong place.. hard to explain. Basically imagine ur sitting in a car but looking left while driving using periferal vision

Two minotors with SoftTH and LFS,rFactor,NFS Shift 2
(6 posts, started )