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LFS Polygon Draw (html+js)
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Quote from R0ut66 :How I implement this on my code to detect player location?
ATM I am using like this:

if (((Conn.CompCar.X / 65536) <= -65) && ((Conn.CompCar.X / 65536) >= -116) && ((Conn.CompCar.Y / 65536) <= 219) && ((Conn.CompCar.Y / 65536) >= -46))Conn.Location = Somewhere;

you must use function for polygon. not for square. look at main page on github
I have put the public static bool on my form1
What i do now to check if the player is on my poligons and where i put the export of the program?
I have no idea about this example, I code in .NET
i have no idea about all my tools and programs, i code on potato
How I check if the player is on the polygon?

look at c# code
Check_Pos (count of points, array of x points, array of y point, your x position, tour y position)

Is it so difficult to guess? If you want to be a developer, you must be able to find what you need, and not ask others to write everything for you.
Yes mate, sorry for asking but I am so noob with functions.
It is the first time I am working with it
I've submitted a couple of bugs on Github, other than those it seems to be working just fine.
@kristofferandersen fixed =)

LFS Polygon Draw (html+js)
(60 posts, started )