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C. Winkler and Xcite grab MRT Cup victory
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C. Winkler and Xcite grab MRT Cup victory

The last round of the season was held on the classic Blackwood GP configuration, with the tight backstraight chicane back to service after being introduced in the 2009-2010 Cup. With Xcite C.Winkler having almost secured the title at round 2, only the final podium positions were at stake.

v\J.Peace proved to be the fastest man of the season - by far - after snatching his 3rd pole out of 3 events. The whole first row was the same as round 2, as CoRe Feuerdrache once again claimed 2nd, but this time, the German was much closer to his British rival: only 3 hundredths separated the two youngsters.

v\J.Peace also proved once again to be the kind of driver endlessly followed by controversy. The 16 years old had a good start, however, a mistake at the exit of turn 2 put his lead in a possible threat. Peace then weaved in Feuerdrache's direction, and sent the latter into grass. This allowed 5th and 3rd place starters Xcite C.Winkler and Xcite K.Egloff to take the lead. Only a lap later, Peace attempted to pass Egloff, but the two cars contacted, sending Egloff into a spin. Peace then passed Winkler at lap 6 - cleanly, this time - and flied to his 3rd sprint race victory in a row, however, it looks rather likely that he will be penalised for his actions. Winkler would finish in 2nd while championship runner-up just.papax would inherit 3rd place, after both Xcite Chris and Goc/J.Koskinen held it at some point, but went off.

CoRe Feuerdrache climbed to 6th after his incident with Peace, but the German dropped to 8th on purpose in the last lap. The German had a good reason for it: this move would give him pole for main race. The gamble paid off: Feuerdrache would never be worried, and would take the victory after holding the lead from light to flag. The main excitement was the superb scrap for second between Xcite C.Winkler and v\J.Peace. After being nose to gearbox or wheel to wheel for a few laps, it looked like Peace had a definitive advantage at lap 16. However, the British would go off a few laps later, allowing Winkler and team-mate Egloff to go alongside him in the pitstraight. None would yield, and Peace would send Egloff into another spin, while Winkler would spin on his own a few hundred meters later... This meant that Peace would keep his 2nd place, in front of Egloff and Winkler.

In pool B, recently formed Team 6th Gear Racing dominated, taking both sprint(6th|Chrono) and main race(6th|Sonsaku).

Unsurprisingly, XCite C.Winkler took a well deserved drivers title. With 280 points composed of 2 wins, 3 second places and a 4th place, he led the championship from round 1 to 3, and never seemed to be in danger. The chasing group comes 55 points behind, with 5 drivers grouped in 24 points. A very consistent just.papax takes 2nd place, in front of v\J.Peace. B^mx devis takes 4th, in front of 2009/2010 MRT Cup champion Xcite K.Egloff, who had a bitterly disappointing campaign. TEM/L.Chebbi is last of this group, in 6th place.

This edition of the MRT Cup also saw the introduction of a brand new team championship. The title was taken hands down by Xcite Racing, with a 136 points lead over their closest rivals. 2nd and 3rd places are taken by eXtrem Racing and Tiger Express Motorsports, grouped by only 10 points.

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Report by Y. Laprevotte

C. Winkler and Xcite grab MRT Cup victory
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