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Ferrari Academy 2010
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by the way Jon is the 4th guy from the left, Martin is the 6th.
Great stuff!
I hope to see some nice blogs about your day out at Ferrari.
Gratz .
So where do they go on from there?
They went home with a plane.

No - joking. Pretty much Martin said that's it for them. No further "support" or opportunities. He said there will be the testing opportunity for them to develop the Next-Years Version of FVA, also including maybe further real-life tests or so. Overall they should stay in contact.
On the edge of the radar then, better than nothing I suppose.
Not really surprising... Ferrari is very much "the old way", so I doubt they took it more seriously than any other PR event...
Anyone got their small prizes?

I precisely followed their horrible prize winning confirmation procedure and still haven't seen any of the goods.
The 458 looks awesome!
Apparently the 458 has been released today! Hopefully there's not just hotlapping this time
Anyone tried the F458 yet? There being no online I'm kind of hesitant buying it. But it sure looks kind of tempting
That F458 onboard looks pretty impressive..
"Anyone tried the F458 yet?"

Yep - yesterday. It's a cool-car to drive

But if you try F-150 after F458 - you see what a beast F1-car really is .
Really interested in this and really interested to hear more opinions about how the 458 drives before I go ahead and buy the thing.

Did some google lurking and found someone saying...
  • Braking issue, stopping distances longer than real life
  • Car too easy to drive
What version of NKP is it based on? Does it include the latest changes which have made NKP a million times better to drive?
Just bought this game yesterday and its heaps of fun!

But I noticed the problem with the 458's brakes as well. The brakes don't work very well, and I have noticed a huge amount of understeer. That car just doesn't want to turn.
Hmm, wonder if there are any chances for updates.

Real RWD road cars on NKP is something I've always wanted.

Ferrari Academy 2010
(94 posts, started )