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Round 5: Protests
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I've cleaned up the chat from this thread, and relocated it to the race discussion thread. This is for protests ONLY and our responses to the protest.

You have about an hour from now to submit any further protests.
Before I start full responses, we've decided to implement this immediately:

Since a DT/SG at FE and some other tracks are glaringly obvious that they are not 30s and 45s, some much more and some much less than 30s or 45s long, we are going to start do all post-race DTs as an approximation of differences in travel time from the last apex before pit in and the first apex after pit exit for a car still on track versus a car serving the penalty.

Quote from ivantod :Lap/Timecode/Session: start of the race,first green flag
Cars involved 34 & 04
Brief description of incident

#34 overtake #04 before green flag on start.

No penalty - we do not enforce a specific formation or define what we mean by side-by-side. Car 34 was ahead when the green flag was thrown because of differences in station-keeping to the cars ahead.

Quote from ivantod :Lap/Timecode/Session 35:00
Cars involved 17 & 04
Brief description of incident
#17 overtake #04 under SC lap

Quote from srbenda :35 : 00

car#17 and car #04

#17 overtake #04 under SC lap

Constantina effect with cars passing the inverted ZION car, Car 17 goes to the right to avoid a smash, and is alongside a slowish Car 04 who is seemingly hesitant to go. 04 slows down again just a touch and 17 then boots it and goes around 04. No penalty, 17 was aware of 04, but 04 didn't go therefore 17 had to close the gap ahead back up.

Quote from sjoblom :car #36 passed us (car #31) during Yellow flag, lap 31

Protest denied, could not find any overtakes involving either car in or immediately around Lap 31.

Quote from nobreaks11 :Car 01 overtake car 31 lap 68-69 on SC

Description as provided by protest is correct. As Car 01 did not finish, the penalty is a 10-place grid penalty for Round 6.

Quote from JayPee :Car 32 overtake car 08 lap 109-110 on SC.
We've passed him as he was still in the pitlane.

Car 32 overtakes not one but 2 cars in a significantly unsafe manner, especially around 08 and approaching the accident scene. DT equivalent for FE, 15s.

Quote from Hahmo :113 lap
#30 and #35
#30 had a blue flag and wont let us pass, causing us to lose few places because didnt give room and went very wide

Protest denied. Car 30 was not off the lead lap at the time, use tracker to see when timeouts are involved.

Quote from JayEyeBee :Lap/Timecode/Session: Leader's lap 113 /2.52.27 (race time)
Cars involved: 11, 01
Brief description of incident: Turn 1 Car 01 hits the rear of 11. While the damage was slight, the 01 car should not have been on the track at all.

Car 01 was on track after being ordered to spectate by Control; Should not have been there. Was caught out slightly by a sudden stop as the FXR downshifted. No noticeable time loss to Car 11, and with the grid penalty for overtaking under SC to Car 01, that will also serve as a penalty here.
Quote from sjoblom :car #30 hit us (#31) from behind during safety car on lap 25. Caused us to fall back from 17 to place 21. Our car also got damge in the rear from the hit.
Before that #30 had constantly hit us in the rear during the safety flag!

Car 31 brakes for the turn and teh queue ahead, could have lifted off sooner. Car 30 gives it a bit of throttle, speeds up, and runs into the back of Car 31, spinning it. Car 31 did slow down a bit much, but Car 30 should have been attentive enough to the situation ahead to not give it the extra bit of power and braked sooner. DT conversion to 15s

Quote from fermevc :lap 43/time 1:03:30/ race
#04 and #24
At the end of lap 43 our car 04 goes into pits for driver change and Car 24 hits us from behind causing us to spin.

Car 24 is on the back of 04 into the final turns, 04 hops the curbs, then lets off right infront of 24. 24 has no time to react, collide. Car 04 could have signaled via IRC or indicators that they were pitting, and conversely, 24 could have seen Car 04's driver connect and left a touch more room. Racing Incident, No Penalty.

Quote from prOmo_LTU :Lap/Timecode/Session : 113
Cars involved #12 and #32
Brief description of incident 32 goes too agresive for few last turns and finaly gets a postion in last chicance before s/f going straight on grass,passing #12, who was going in normal way - on road.

Car 32 barges in on the previous corner, and stayed alongside all the way to the final corner. Car 12 turns in. Racing incident, no penalty.
We also investigated the following things with the following results:

Under the 1st SC: Cars 31 01 30 under SC lap 7, race clock had 10:20 -
No penalties for this particular schemozzle, but remember: Keep Gaps under SC big enough to stop safely if the car ahead does.

Under the 5th SC: Lap 67, Car 32, 1h48m30s or so race time -
Car 32 spins exiting the 90 degree right hander, and engages reverse gear, and before the left hander, does a j turn into the line where cars are approaching, forcing 34 to take immediate evasive action and the rest of the queue to jam up. This is an unsafe recovery from an incident, and deliberately done to try and maintain position after the spin. the driver at the time is placed on series probation for the remainder of the season, and the team is charged with a 1 lap penalty.

Car 32 is also charged with a 15s DT conversion for overtaking before the line on the final restart. The two DTs will be applied THEN the lap.

Car 15 spectated from on track, resulting in a 5 point penalty to the team.
The following teams are issued penalties for chat in red flag situations (grid setting time applies to this also)

Car 14 - 2 charged lines, 1st warning, second -2 championship points.
Car 16 - 4 charged lines, 1st warning, second, third, and fourth -2 championship points each, -6 championship points.
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Round 5: Protests
(30 posts, closed, started )