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Hi all; I just wanted to announce that after a good test session I am happy to report that I should be able to video stream almost every OLFSL race this season.

Obviously I can't guarantee the service and if Pools clash then only one will be covered; however I will try to cover as many as I can. Previously our efforts into streaming a few seasons ago didn't go without issues but back then we didn't have such a wealth of free streaming servers like we do now.

My plan is to post the video player on the OLFSL site a little while before the first coverage starts, but you can take a look at the page now.
If anyone wants to do any video bumpers or fake commercials then please feel free to PM me.
Music playlist
Here is a playlist of the music on The Original Live for Speed stream. Please support artists and purchase the music legally from iTunes etc:

Muse: Uprising
Muse: Resistance
Muse: Super Massive Black Hole
Muse: Assasin
Muse: Knights of Cydonia
Muse: Time is running out
Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
Deep Purple: Highway Star
Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl
Chemical Brothers: Out of Control
Chemical Brothers: The Golden Path
Green Day: Know Your Enemy
Green Day: Christian's Inferno
Green Day: East Jesus Nowhere
Green Day: American Idiot
Green Day: Minority
Green Day: Nice Guys Finish Last
Garbage: Bad Boyfriend
Garbage: When I Grow Up
Queen: Don't Stop Me Now
Blur: Song 2
Pulp: We Are The Boys
U2: Vertigo
Kaiser Chiefs: Never Miss a Beat
Kaiser Chiefs: Everything is average nowadays
Kaiser Chiefs: I predict a riot
Supergrass: Richard III
The Hives: Hate to say I told you so
The Hives: Tick Tick Boom
Dick Dale: Misirlou
The Killers: Somebody Told Me
Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit
Gene: As good as it gets
The Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK
The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
Radiohead: Just
The Offspring: The Kids Aren't Alright
The Offspring: Pretty Fly for a White Guy
Studio 99: Buck Rogers
The Automatic: Monster
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Higher Ground
Suede: Filmstar
The Prodigy: Breathe
The Prodigy:
The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up
The Prodigy: Serial Thriller
The Prodigy: Climbatize
Joe Satrini: Surfing with the Alien
Franz Ferdinand: Take me out
Franz Ferdinand: Michael
The Fratellis: Chelsea Dagger
The Stereophonics: Bartender and the Thief
Republica: From the Rush Hour with Love
The Cardigans: My Favourite Game
The Streets: Turn the Page
Morrissey: First of the Gang to Die
Morrissey: Irish Blood, English Heart
Pet Shop Boys: It's a sin
New Order: Blue Monday
Dire Straits: Money for Nothing
Fatboy Slim: Because We Can
Lenny Kravitz: Fly Away
Alice Cooper: Trash
Marilyn Manson: The Dope Show
Thin Lizzy: The Boys Are Back in Town
The Datsuns: Sittin Pretty
Lordi: Hard Rock Hallelujah
Motorhead: Ace of Spades
Gary Numan: Cars
Adam and the Ants: Stand and Deliver
Squeeze: Cool for Cats
Kasabian: Fast Fuse
The Enemy: Be Somebody
Placebo: Every You and Me
Placebo: Slave to the Wage
Kasabian: Shoot the runner
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Skunk Anansie: Weak
Skunk Anansie: Charlie Big Potato
Queens of the Stone Age: No One Knows
Beastie Boys: Intergalatic
Bentley Rhythm Ace: Bentley's gonna sort you out
Air: Sexy Boy

Edit - after complaints about the music I didn't bother to play it from Event 2 onwards.
Hi, I watched 2 of the races now, and got both goot things and bad things to say:

I think it's good someone took it up, and did something about it, and I must actually say, it went pretty well for a first time broadcasting. The quality was actually nice I think, there wasn't any lag or so to spoil the race

Here's some critics though: I think you should shut down the music. If people wanna listen to music, I think they turn on their own playlist or so, I can only say that a few of my mates that watched the race, said to me it was crap that they played music. So do I think.
The watching was also kinda boring. I know it was a first timer, but some varying in the spectating would be nice. Some onboard stuff, some filming on the leader, and when there's battles, you go film them ofc Watching Pool 2 stream was pretty much the same 4-5 cars we saw through the whole race imo, and it was all far down in the grid. I think the camera work was the most important thing to chance by now.
Some commentators would be nice. Out of the +120 subscribers this year, I think it should be fairly easy to find some guys who wants to take a look at some specs before the race, and then they can do some meaningful commentating throughout the race. People can switch over to cover each others pools too.

That was my words for you, hope you can use it to improve broadcasting OLFSL
Hi there;

It's good to have some feedback, as it is my goal to make the stream as good as possible I always want to hear what can be done.

Firstly I think for the most part it went very well, I didn't notice any real issues with the upload to the streaming server and nor did many people report issues with buffering (choppy framerate).

Because I wanted to play things safe I did not max out my connection and kept the quality a little low, however my upload speed should be enough to deliver much higher quality bitrate streaming - I will toy with this during the break before the next race.

Regarding the music. Firstly I'm willing to forgoe it if people really do find it a problem. Personally I like the music (I guess I would) because I have sat and watched hours and hours of LFS car sounds and to be honest; it really gets horrible listening to the synth car noises without something good playing in the background. However I am willing to play tracks suggested by the viewers, as long as they're on Spotify and iTunes then that's fine. If I can setup a poll then I will.

As far as the camera work was concerned, I was using the tv director tool which tries to make an exciting race from the broadcast. I have noticed in the past too that it isn't always reliable when it comes to watching the action. However a human can easily miss the action too but I agree it would be nice to vary it somewhat with different angles etc - again something I will try to expand on more next time.

As far as commentary goes, this becomes more tricky. Because of the nature of the stream and the fact that there is a delay of quite a few seconds from what I see and what appears on the viewers screen, this means that someone watching the stream can't commentate, they would need to be in the server (just like the host) so they can commentate live.

I think it would be possible to use Skype or another VOIP program to bring someone in to commentate, but, this would use up extra network bandwidth - not too much but obviously I'd like to use as much for video as I can. I will admit that out of everything, commentary will be the hardest unless I do it myself and sadly, I'm not really happy to speak on the mic of 5 hours because my voice is very bad for radio and I'm quite a reserved person vocally.

On a similar note, if anyone has more streaming experience and can give me tips on:
Profile (Baseline/Main) and levels 1.3 to 5.1 then please email me at:

edit: I just fixed part of the camera problem; I have now adjusted the appropriate ini file and the tv director tool will now switch around various car angles. If anyone knows a great full set of new CVW's for all the LFS cars then please let me know.
My opinion with the music thing is just pretty clear i think. I really wanna listen to heavy stuff and metal, but my guess is most people watching the broadcasts would disagree with playing that And then I have to turn of the sound completely to hear my own music. If people gets tired of the sounds, they should just turn it off, but it's irritating that you have to turn the sound off if you wanna hear the sound actually, but hates the music, you see my point ?

About "getting" the action. Can't you run Remote or something likely at a laptop beside you, to see where the action happens? That would be my best advice, but I don't know much about broadcasting, so maybe it's a bad idea. But I don't think it should be handled over to something automatic, unless you can set it otherwise than it was at this round.

To the commentating thing - I don't think this should be a problem, like at this round, there was 21 drivers in each pool. There will easily be place for 2 comentators pr. pool, and then that will be broadcasted together. Cant say anything about the bandwidth thing though, it's just about try it out i think? And I don't think it should be same comentators all round, I think different people should commentate different pools.
The thing with spotting the action and doing all the camera's manually is that it's not as easy to do for hours at a time - I did this when we streamed a few season's ago - the app is much easier. I think a mix of manual and the app makes sense.

I can see your point with the music; out of interest though - let's see how other people feel on the matter. We had a lot of viewers on the stream and not had much feedback at all.

The commentating is possible I grant you - it's just getting at least one reliable person (and it's not as easy as it sounds). However, there is still the issue of whoever the commentator is in the server could be looking at something else onscreen than me on my PC, and therfore the stream. Overall it makes sense that I (or at least someone in my house) does commentary.
Just out of interest how many viewers did you get for this last round?
I kind of get the feeling that no one from outside LFS or indeed the OLFSL would even know about these streams. Spreading the word might be an idea.

I think people expect to much, the auto cameras seem to do a good enough job.
Unless someone has an hour to sit there & choose the cameras live?

Music wise its a good cross section of music, the only suggestion i would say is a bit less green day & some RATM instead. (drop the morrisey) Also you forgot mr brightside .

The broadcast is fine i even have an idea for the last round of the season.
I'm not sure exactly how many people watched the whole 2 racers - we've had 1,861 views on the stream video since we started on Event one. But that obviously includes testing and multiple visits - not unique viewers. There is usually 15-30 people in there from what I've seen.

Always happy to hear suggestions. As far as spreading the word, I don't know of too many people who would be bothered about online racing apart from us members - but you're all feel free to invite your friends to watch at the weekend, just send them the link

OLFSL Streaming Link
If you want to get more (LFS related) viewers, I'd adive you to create a thread advertising your stream in the General LFS Discussion section before each event. I do belive some people would be interrested to watch in this forum, but simply do not know that some OLFSF races are broadcasted.

E: Just realised that your broadcasts are commentariesless. Perhaps you could try to find someone commentating a few races to make this stuff a bit more exciting?
#11 - vs14
Hi) thx u for replay but can u upload the full video to ftp, I`v got lags during playing it
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Just realised that your broadcasts are commentariesless. Perhaps you could try to find someone commentating a few races to make this stuff a bit more exciting?

yeah as I mentioned on the thread earlier - due to the setup it's only really possible for me to commentate as everyone watching the stream is suffering a time delay on the stream feed.
You could let a commentator into the race server just like a 2nd admin.
Then he would be see the race live & be able to commentate appropriately.
Well that's sorta true for the most part, although there is still the issue that they will not be looking at my copy of LFS - they'll be looking at theirs. So we could be looking at totally different parts of the race - which would not work either.
Quote from russraine :Well that's sorta true for the most part, although there is still the issue that they will not be looking at my copy of LFS - they'll be looking at theirs. So we could be looking at totally different parts of the race - which would not work either.

This is not an actual issue. Every single LFS broadcast works like that, and no one is complaining about that in general. Of course, sometimes a commentator is speaking about something which hasn't been caught on the stream or on the contrary, the stream catches some action missed by the commentator, but this isn't that much disturbing in the end for the viewers.
I dunno, I think that is an issue - if 30 people are watching cars at the front of the pack and a commentator is talking about a crash at the back - no one can see it and nor do you get an action replay.

Honestly, the only way for commentary to work is for me, the streamer to do it myself and it's not something I am able to do.

If however someone else wants to do the streaming and commentary then that's fine, I can get help them get started. It's just a bigger task than you'd initially expect and at least with my basic coverage, we're not going to be let down when someone changes their mind last minute about doing the streaming for the league.
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Thanks. I posted it there because no one would have read it over her.
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