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#51 - troy
Very nice and clean racing, thanks for the patience to all the GTR's and the lonely NGT, we had some close calls and some scraps but all in all it was a pleasure to race today and our team can't wait for more of that in the 24h race.

Shame Redline couldn't finish the race, it was pretty close stuff there until their engine decided to call it a day.
Thanks TDRT for this race ! It enables us to test several things and see our problems for 24h race in race condition with some other teams racing in the same time and some fight for position.

Clairly the race wasn't good for us and the result is quite logical. 4th with the best time on track but we have visited lot of grass today and try several different aerodynamic posibilities which weren't the best ^^

But thanks to this race now we know what are these problems and the way to improve our level for this race.

Thanks everyone for the fair racing and the poor nGT and LRF who have had a difficult race with so many GTR I think
From GTS Motorsport, we would like to thank you for this race, very nice and fair racing, once again apologies on on my behalf to team CR, though sometimes unbelievable that Fz5 has almost same top speed as FZR :P

Snogard, guys are very fast, looking forward to the challenge next week.

Thanks to TDRT for hosting this 'practice' event.

Sorry for team 44, who has so many problems, they were very fast, stole my fastest lap... (
We would like to say thanks to the organizers and racers at track, we had a lot of fun trying to find a smooth solution for both, fz5 and gtr. We have practiced a lot before, all cars, almost all combinations of passing maneuvers on RR4 before. Thanks to all racemates who let us some space to survive

Yes our engine blew too, and it seems that was me bliplover who killed it, okok i hope i can learn it in the remaining week... anyway, we managed almost 5h before blobo gave up. Good experience for us for the upcoming Dop 24h where we hope to meet you again.

We also had an incident, in lap 60/72, time 2:53:47.21 where a gtr tried to pass inside exactly at split 1. We not only spinned, the car also slammed into the wall, where the susp broke... still 20 laps to do and lost 2 sec per lap. Pls understand that i post the following pics, not in order to official protest (since we lost the race due to my rough engine handling) but to give gtr drivers for the 24hrs some information where our problems are. Thanks for fair thinking chaps
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