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#1 - bozo
Event 11
Attaching a setup for the race. All I've done is taken a set from and modified the front tyre camber and pressure.

If pushed too hard they still go a little red, but treated well they are ok for the distance we need to go ... although be warned at least the front left may need to be changed to get through race distance.

The setup was geared towards another Fern Bay track, but it was similar to the one we are racing today.
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Thanks a lot - my only plan was to go easy and be last.

...though that might be the case anyway
#3 - t1ger
I had the same set too (from Setupgrid) and changed the camber (not as far as -0.5 though) and increased the pressures (to around 33PSI) but I still couldn't keep it cool and be quick.

Thanks for posting though, bozo. I will try it later and see what happens.

Thx for the set bozo,
it really helped me to keep the tires cooler and have a decent race.

#5 - bozo
I flipped on lap 10, but before that I was running hot tyres. When watching how others were fairing, I noticed that they were all driving with much cooler tyres. Same tyre type, but somehow keeping it cooler. Oh well.
#6 - t1ger
I managed to last all 29 laps on your set bozo

Started 2nd, had some good battles with [SG] D Robb on the first lap, then fell back into the jaws of Carrera GT who eventually managed a very good overtake move on me at the end of lap 4. We both then made it past [SG] D Robb at the end of lap 7 and I was back into 2nd. Then, at the start of lap 8, Carrera GT made a mistake and spun off just going under the bridge and I took 1st place.

I held a strong lead and managed to pull away from [SG] D Robb, Sheepy and horrgakx who were fighting for 2nd 3rd and 4th. Sheepy took 2nd early on and I held a 2.5 second lead over him for a couple of laps. I felt confident and in the zone, lapping and keeping Sheepy behind at a good length.

Then, on lap 11, I checked my tyre temps, and I don't know if it was psycological or what, but I suddenly felt like I was on ice, and I lost all 2.5 seconds and Sheepy closed right up on me. And that is how it stayed (because this track is really hard to overtake on), nose to tail, Sheepy slightly faster and with slightly cooler front tyres, but not able to get past.

Until the end of lap 17, when I thought Sheepy had the edge on me out of the last corner and would have been past anyway, I stopped for my pitstop. I had wanted to change front tyres so that I can do the last 12 laps with good grip again, but unfortunately, with no time to think watching my mirrors and no straight on which to take time in the F12 menu, I ended up stopping and going without and tyre change.

I was still in 2nd place and 3rd place (Carrera GT) was just under 5 seconds behind. I needed to push, but I couldn't with the tyres and I had lost a bit of time to Sheepy.

However, somehow I was now able to lean a bit more on the tyres again, they didn't feel as slippery (since checking the replay, I can see that they are no cooler, so it must all be in my head!) and I was able to keep going, just not at ultimate pace. I was 2 seconds a lap slower than my best lap of the race.

Sheepy pitted at the end of lap 20, and emerged right in front of me. I didn't know at the time, but he had changed his front tyres, so my hat goes off to Sheepy, who was fast enough to stay stationary in the pit longer than me and still come out in front.

Sheepy then just gradually gained ground on me and I was left in a comfortable 2nd place. Carrera GT was 6 seconds behind me, and this time not gaining. Also at this point I had dragged my times back up into the 1:40's (somehow).

Towards the end, Carrera GT pitted for his one and only stop, which left me comfortably in 2nd.

As I have said previously, I hate starting near the front because its all to lose, however, starting 2nd and finishing 2nd, I will take.

Thank you to Sheepy for a great race. Thanks also to [SG] D Robb and Carrera GT for great battles. Everyone raced with respect and care, and you are all to be congratulated for it.

Blue flag thanks to <FF> GS, [FF] Russ Greeno and Rasta, who all took great care in letting us past and not spoiling our races (probably at a detriment to their own).

This was my first race after a gap from event 4 and I really enjoyed it (pool 3).
Had some great battles lap after lap, DRobb, Sheepy, and especially S.Varjonen.

I found my setup seemingly quite different to that of others, S.Varjonen would be very very strong on the second half of the lap but I had the edge in the first half. I think my front diff should not have been locked which would have aided turn-in. I also looked after the tyres, 76-78 degrees was where I tried to keep it, far too easy to over drive this car. I made a couple of mistakes which forced the temps up to about 81 but backing off a little brought them down.

Pitstop I had left the 'repair' option on which took ages for some very minor suspension work left over from clattering a couple of kerbs.

Very enjoyably, regretful that I'd not been able to make all the races, but I'm looking forward to the last one - hope its something special!
uh jear

It was a fantastic race!
I watch the replay this night and remember how close it was

In the race i was a little suprised that T Kay cant catch me after my pit.
Now im much more suprised because you dont change tires?

Well i do change tires but im not sure if it was necessary?
I think not...
But i do only refuel 5% (starting with 35%)

and here some screens
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