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Event 10 aftermath
Thread is open for E10 chat.

On my own behalf I'd like to apology for not being able to host as scheduled. My internet connection was breaking out whole night, starting from 17:28gmt - which sadly was the starting time of pool 2. I'm glad that you guys were able to pull it through anyway.

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Or is it too much trouble to write here...
#2 - bozo
Pool 2 happened smoothly even without you Sami, thanks to our Mr Cool, Solar Hydro.

I know there's been a lot of comment in chat since the race, but for me this car and track was a really good combo. The drivers around me were lapping very consistently close lap times, which made overtaking maneouvres a long term strategy.

I'd dropped to 18th in the first few laps, after a mistake in T1 saw me go into the edge of the gravel and lose 5 or 6 places. But then I kept my nose clean and brought her home in 7th. Yet again I saw that consistency is the key to good results.

Hard luck to Ant, who struggled on with a broken pedal.
Pool 2: I had to take over as Pool 2 host, and I decided to try to race while hosting. This implied that the OLFSL RaceControl app obscured much of my visibility.

On Lap 2, I had to tell someone to spec (being a mouse driver, typing that caused me to go off hugging the barriers), so I hung back, made mistakes, and was generally slow. After flipping it around mid-race but rolling back onto all fours, I pit for repairs (38 seconds or so) and then let the pack go by while staying in the pits to ensure that I wouldn't be in anyone's way.

I finished the race only 1 lap down. Managed to pass the poor Ant and unlap myself from Thunderdome, who experienced their own troubles...

Soo I was racing in pool 3.

Started as second on the grid , start was go wery well , on T1 was paralel with first on inside line , but that was all , in next moment in T1 t1ger was brake to late and hit me with big speed sending me in the outside line , in the send , in those moments I was just look to not made the collision with others on the track .

When I come back in the track I was back, just to finished the race , I has made few mistakes on the track but not futile for my race.
I have some good fight without any incident with guys from 5 to 9 place, expecially with sediii and Giagias and trein. Thank you guys.

The wind was made for me the hardest problems I have , expecialy on part in T1. I hate the wind!
#5 - t1ger
Pool 3 for me too, and I would like to start by apologising to Ki-Men for the bump at turn 1. The point I braked was my normal braking point (the crest of the hill just before the turn). I wasn't able to slow down enough to not hit you, but there was nothing malicious or intended about it. I am well aware of a race not being won in Turn-1 and I was not trying to knock you off to gain an advantage. I slowed down even more, braking around the outside of turn one to try to let you back in in front of me, but you had slid too far out onto the gravel, so I carried on with every intention of letting you back past if the opportunity arose.

Anyway, back to my race. I managed to steal 1st place by the end of lap one and I was thinking "wow, could this be a win on the cards!". However, it soon became clear after the next lap that prodrive`Ap0 was hugely faster than me. In fact as the time went on, the first corner incident plagued on my mind along with the really bad setup I had, and so after about 13 laps, I simply pulled into the pits and gave up. (Easy to do when you don't have any multi-million pound sponsors on your back).

My setup was the same I had used for Qualifying, and I had intended joining the race server early and giving myself 20minutes to tweak it to last a few more laps. Anyway, things as they were, I was required to start the race instead, so I quickly changed the tyres to R4s and lowered the pressures. This proved to be a terrible combination with no heat getting into the tyres at all. It was like driving on ice.

Lesson learned, next time, more setup and practice.


ps sorry Ki-Men
Apologies to staff about the issues on Sunday. I did try my best to recover, including trying to connect through my mobile phone&wlan witn no luck. Maybe I should get an 3G-fallback-connetion in addition to adsl line...

Oh well - better one next time I hope.
I thought the race was quite good, lots of fighting and some mistakes by all I guess. I was fortunate to gain 3 positions on the last lap and finish 5th

Thanks for Sediii, Giagias, Ki men and Bennyr for the fight for 5th position, it was really exciting racing with you guys.
pool 3
Yes thanks for the race ! sorry again for my attack on Last Round

Maybe we should open a thread on every Event so ppl can discuss here a bit and 1 or 2 appeals can be solved here accross the racers without taking solar hydros Time !

Thanks for the fight =) the ppl know who i mean^^
For reference, the Appeals Arbiter has welcomed conciliation, appeal withdrawals and voluntary penalty offers from offending racers, without prejudice to the possibility to issue ex-officio decisions where the facts justify it.