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New Dimension Racing: Media
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New Dimension Racing: Media
The New Dimension Racing Mediathek will be running (first of all) under I'll be uploading Pole Position laps of every New Dimension Racing events and I'll be doing race summaries of up to 2 minutes. Some of the live broadcasts will be uploaded to

Enjoy it. I'll keep you up with information.
extremely nice! was watching the race-review... and I got a big shock when I saw the result popped up there... I had no idea that I was in it! xD "WHAT!? me 2nd? When?" xD But yeah, remember it now :P
Keep the good work up Falke
That's a great video of the LFSLights. Nearly broadcast quality!
That's just.... awesome

Cheers Falke

EDIT: That's at the first one - 2nd not processed yet
#13 - CSF
Well at least your not explaining downforce again.
My live commentary debut
Not my live commentary debut

It was the 500 wasn't it...?
Quote from TFalke55 :

plus the 2008 Kyoto 500 wasn't won by a Fragmaster guy.

Indeed. That's why you had to eat the hat Michael (remember? If you don't, I suggest you eat another one to remind yourself of the taste.)

And I'm still disappointed no one has that video saved.
Oh yeah, Goga won the 500. I should have worked that one out. I'm a fool and a useless man.
Quote from Mp3 Astra : I'm a fool and a useless man.

True that.

I wonder if you wonder why people quote you in their signatures.
About 3 people have quoted me in their sigs in the last year. I hardly provide thought-provoking quips.
#24 - CSF
Unless you say your going to cook some cock. Very thought provoking.

New Dimension Racing: Media
(72 posts, started )