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Team 7Karat

7Karat is a danish team, but there´s also drivers from other nations. So no troubles if you arent danish

We work as a team, and we work for fair racing. We are also participating in several leagues, and we have just recently started our own. The league is called the Green Card Cup. It is here you can prove your self as a driver, but also as a team mate! We dont expect that you can beat the WR in every track, but we expect that you train to be faster! We have room for beginners as we have for experienced racers.

How do we communicate?

It´s also important to make sure you are in good contact with the members of the team. We use Teamspeak to communicate and therefore you need a headset or equalent to that. We also use both Skype and MSN.

Regards the 7Karat team
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Good Luck.
oh, realy nice team Not the fastest ones but realy knows how to race clean and have good race. Best of luck for you guys!
Just best of luck guys
Thanks everybody
Good luck guys
best of luck
Good luck with your team
Hi folks
Our team is now 1 year old, and we have done a fast, but nice development. We have mainly been focusing on the GTAL 2010 season. Take a look here: www.

We are currently, with one race remaining, placed on first position, but we will have to defend our position in the 12 hour final race, which is at 1st of may 2010.

But because, we have a good team now with drivers who like to be together and work together and with a good friendly respect of the other teammates, we want to expand a little.

We could need more drivers for future endurance races. It can be fxr, fzr or xrr drivers or all round drivers. We want to find 3 consistant and fast drivers, with a good friendly and cooperative attitude.

So if you want to be one of them you just let me now by pm and then we find out if things goes well.
Happy birthday, good luck in GTAL final round.
Happy birthday ! Congratz for your GTAL season ! Was quite impressed after your nice Westhill result and your amazing race at South City
Good luck
Keep the good work up 7Karat, it was really nice to see you improving so much in the last few months
Happy birthday and keep up the good work guys. When i want to find out how well we are doing in FX2 laptimes, the first thing i think to do is check for 7Karat times.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday 7karat, and good luck in the last GTAL race. I hope you find some good drivers to help you out .

Good job Kenn and your merry men
Thx a lot guys

In the start of the season we were happy with 12th place, but I think, now we have learned that we can do better in endurance races

But the team has to grow to be able to do in other cars and other leagues as well.

Good luck all of you too.
Little belated but, happy birthday to 7Karat For what i can see, your team is doing great. Keep it up
Happy Birthday!
Good luck. Hope you do well in the last round of GTAL
Happy birthday!

And good luck for GTAL aswell
Good Luck for GTAL
Happy late birthday.
Had a great battle with Niklas today in Fox Junkies..
Good luck for the GTAL btw!

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