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NDR RACE - 6TH APRIL - Written Commentary of Event by
Hey everyone,
I was able to write a full commentary of all 28 laps. The main points were to catch the highlights of the racing.

Hope you enjoy

The race started with our team member 02 [PPD] Dan buck at second place on the grid, the green light was on and the 16 driver race had started. As ambitious as he is, Dan Buck came in quick and braking late on the first corner of Blackwood hoping to grab first place. 93 D.Adelin held a firm first place while our other team members D.Jahnig and N.Demec held places 4th and 6th respectfully.

Just before the first lap was completed PPD Dan Buck (car 2) ended up timing out so it was up to Car number 47 D.Jahnig from the PPD team to make his move from 4th place, on the back S turn of Blackwood, D.Jahnig made 2 positions by taking the inside line as pictured below.

A smart move which then pushed D.Jahnig upto second place. 93 D.Adelin held first place to complete the first lap, A.oBrien (car 12) was hot on the tail of D.Jahnig (car 47) coming into the last corner and kept this close racing right into the 3rd lap.
After a good turn into the straight, A. oBrien (car 12) had ample speed to overtake car 4 - N. Demec and would be now sitting in 3rd place.

Coming into the 4th lap D.Nemec regains 3rd place on the back straight and holds it coming into the next corner. It was evident that this would would a tight battle between 04. N.Demec and A.oBrien as this duo pushes hard to keep 3rd place. A bit of a slip up on the last corner of 4th lap put 04. D.Nemec into 5th place and 82 S.Mathei gains 4th position from 5th and A.oBrien has 3rd position.

On the 5th and 6th lap driver positions were firmly in place while car 82 M.Mathei held a close line behind 12. A.oBrien with a close 0:00.56 split between the drivers coming into the 7th lap.

46 D.Kheireddine brakes late and pushes hard into the first corner and nearly games 5th place but a bump through the S section after the first corner looses speed for 46 D Kheireddine and the battle between these drives begin down the main straight of Blackwood. Its nearly neck to neck as the drivers come into the corner after the long straight, D.Keheirddine brakes late but N.Demec takes the inside line and holds 5th place.

On the 8th lap A.OBrien holds 3rd place but S.Mathei brakes later and gets 3rd place. 93 D.Adelin had held a decent lead in 1st place for 8 laps and D. Jahnig tries drives hard to reach that first place position. By the 9th lap there was some distance between the drivers with on average a 1.5 second split between drivers.

At the last corner of the 10th lap S.Mathei gains a very respectable 2nd place and holds this position through the next few laps


It was an early retire for [NDR] Joseph and M.Bingham received a drive through penalty for chatting during races.

In the 13th lap (unlikely 13) [NDR] Falke disconnected from the race and at this stage A.oBrien is still holding 4th position over D. Kheireddine (car 46) with no signs of either driver letting anyone get their position. Coming into the corner after Blackwoods main straight D. Kheireddine gains 4th place and the battle continues between these 2 drivers for the next 2 laps.

Up until lap 18 drivers have kept a consistent lap time and D. Kheireddine is starting to gain time on D.Jahnig and at the straight before the last corner of Blackwood both D.Jahnig and D.Kheireddine find themselves both struggling for space on the road with such close knit racing.

D.Kheireddine is able to hold this lead coming into the 19th lap while D.Adelin is 0:1:77 seconds ahead of the battling duo.

In lap 22 D. Kheireddine has gained 0:01.03 seconds from D.Adelin who holds still holds 1st place.

In lap 25 D. Kheireddine decided to make a pit stop and meant that he would drop to 5th place while D.Jahnig and AoBrien took the consecutive positions.

At this stage it could have been anyones race as AoBrien pulls ahead at the end of lap 25. As promising at it looked D.Keireddine pulls ahead to 3rd place and gains a very impressive lead only to do so in a Yellow Flag. One formation was in place D. Keireddine would drop back to his previous position

This will be a very close finish as the 3 drivers try to gain their positions. At lap 26 at the end of the straight the safety car comes out and drivers sit in formation. For some reason 46 D. Kheireddine was told to get behind #12 and drivers are left to wait while the Safety Car gives drivers a moment to catch their breathe. This could be anyones race at lap as the last the safety car leaves the track and with 1 lap to go it was sure to be a race to remember. S. Mathie battles hard behind D. Adelin while the gap is closed from the formation laps of the safety car previous to laps.

S. Mathei sticks close behind D. Adelin and puts the pressure on as they come up to the last corners. S. Mathei tries hard in the S corner to hold position and gains it. S. mathei holds first place while D. Adelin and D.Jahnig follow close behind to gain their 2nd and 3rd place.

A. Obrien comes 4th wihle N.Demec finished in 5th
Final standings were as follows;

1st. S. Mathei
2nd D. Adelin
3rd D. Jahnig
4th A. Obrien
5th N. Demec
6th D. Novak
7th L. Sena
8th D. Kheireddine
7th T.Russell + 1 lap behind
Nice writeup.
just one thing I disconnected cause i had to rewatch a racing incident and Joeseph was Safety Car driver but it is a really good summary of the race :-)
Thanks for the comment. I found out afterwards haha. I realised there were more than 1 round. So i have another 1000 words to write for each round hah
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I might put this on our website later
Nice one Adrian. Although a few incorrect things, It's S.Mathei not M.Mathei IIRC.