The online racing simulator
One word: WOW
Downloading aswell...
Do I have to have rFactor in order to get the beta?
No you just have to buy rFactor 2 for $45, and you get the Beta.
seems worth it this time around
Everything's greyed out. Do I have to buy it before I can play the beta?
Seems so
I suggest you read Gjon's post before buying. FYI I'm not regretting getting this at all. Like I said before it has tonnes of potential. If you're looking for Dirt3 graphics you're probably going to be disappointed. For me they are good enough. ... &highlight=#post24673
Tried it out for a while, and I really liked the feel of the physics. No idea of how accurate they are but it felt very "dynamic" and natural, none of that feeling of driving an excel sheet as in previous ISI sims. Everything else though is not so impressive, that is, pretty much the same as before. With H-shifter I can still just ram in gears without ever having to use the clutch or rev matching or anything. Damage is just larger parts flying off. UI has a different look but everything is the same... And the graphics. Why cant they hire some competent artists to create some high quality models and textures? The historic spa track looks decent, but almost everything else is just awful for something released in 2012.
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haha excel sheet!

Your review makes the game seem abysmal. Hope I don't have the buyers remorse when I get it.
It's really, really good. It's rough around the edges, and it's certainly a beta, but there hasn't been a comparable quality racing sim released in years. You won't regret your purchase, I'll bet.
This is what I put in the thread on iR forum. I quite enjoy it. However I'm not a guy who cares about the UI, graphics etc (the graphics honestly don't look that bad). I'm just a person that likes to drive a car and feel it on the road, and the dynamic changes in rF2's enviroment makes it even better IMO.

Eww I sound like some promotor.

Quote :After setting it all up (took about 10-15 minutes, not exactly time consuming), I was going to have a drive. As I loaded up the track I started having issues. Turned out putting everything on Full for a start wasn't a good idea when your resolution is 2560x1600 . Turned it down to high and haven't had issues. After doing some driving I felt the car was very "slick" at first. Not rF1 slick, but the track just felt oily. After doing about 5 laps though I was comfortable enough to join a server (about 20 people).

Now this is with Megane at Mills. I was expecting it to lag with the 20 cars, I had no problem however. The practice session had just started and I was feeling that "slick" feeling again. I was about to be disappointed but a friend on TeamSpeak told me to keep driving. As the practice session wore on (and I mean like 10 minutes, not that much), the track started to get rubbered in. The car felt very planted, and didn't seem like the Megane when driving alone. The change was actually quite substantial and felt like the physics might actually be better than I thought they would.

BTW I never messed with the setup of the car besides slightly adjusting the brakes. The car might look as if it wants to slide alot, but that isn't the fastest way by any means. The tires are sensitive and can heat up rather quickly (even from brake lockup) which can affect the handling of your car significantly (much like the NTM here). I was able to run fastest in the server when the tires got to temp and the track was rubbered in, it just felt so much better and actually felt like a car for once in a rF enviroment.

I know the video of the Megane (at Estoril) can turn many off, but you can slide alot on the cars here, and many other sims. Fact is you can do it in real life as well, but you will sacrifice speed and burn off your tires by doing so. This is going on here with the NTM as well. You can slide around quite a bit, but it is never beneficial. It is no different currently in rF2. You can slide the Megane quite a bit, but it isn't helpful at all and hurts the speed and tires quite a bit.


These are just my current thoughts after a bit of driving. No one seemed to put in any form of review yet, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Seems people like to nitpick more than anything, oh well.

I would also comment that this is the only sim other than LFS with FFB I actually like. It doesn't translate the g-forces as much, which I kind of miss, but it's extremely helpful and intuitively-useable. It does jitter way too much when you go off-track, though. I'm a huge stickler for proper FFB and it can make or break a sim for me, so I thought I'd post that if it was of interest to anyone else.
Well, finally it was out.

The FFB is very very comunicative (another world respect rF1) but the problem is that it "ratting" especially when u go out of track.
Really exagerate !
Many people has this problems.

I hope they fix this one asap.

Finally i can hear ant tyres on my wheel how i can hear in LFS.
One of the monaco videos I saw seemed like the track has some polygon edge bumps. Is this true?
Almost ready to buy. Can't waitzor!
Apparently it is cheaper to buy a lifetime lisence separately in addition to the normal 12/18 month lisence (buy normal lisence then later buy the lifetime addon) instead of buying lifetime lisence on the first time... ... online-account-afterwards

Anyways, time to dig up my credit card...
My only issue atm is that you can get your wheels caught inbetween where the walls join up at monaco if you are using an open wheeler...
And now my PayPal still isn't unblocked, still can't pay, DARN I WANNA PLAY...

(was hacked and then blocked till I would ask for unblock, so now I called them, and it would take maximum up till 16:00, it's now 16:19)
Is this worth buying? Also, how much was the yearly fee for online?
Quote :The title will sell for $43.99, allowing unlimited access to single player & mod development mode. The price also includes 12 months of online account membership, an additional year of account membership can be purchased for $12.99.

If I try to buy it now the price in GBP is £29.99 for 1 year (18 months due to pre-order/beta), or £56.99 for a lifetime account.
And I ownz rF2 for real now.

One question, I can't seem to logon to multiplay, anyone knows why?
Where the hell do I buy Rf2?

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