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iCON News Magazine No. 8/09 (introducing the BnJ revival cup)
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Quote from luki97 :They are in the first post I guess.

the downloadlinks are not working anymore
Quote from TFalke55 :the downloadlinks are not working anymore

I realised that after I posted sorry
I've received the old files from Yann (GreyBull [CHA]) who thankfully had them all.

I've put them on the NDR webserver, so they should be around for a while. Updated the links in the OP. iCON did become part of NDR, then they all got real lives and left LFS (for anyone wondering what happened to most of the iCON folk)

#130 - CSF
Aka they got scared of your immense Sandwich usage.
Thanks a lot, that's awesome :P
Quote from 06/09 :The second race started with a reversed grid, with J.Ellis from NDR on pole,

LOL only Ellis could come last
Anyway, this could be nice when we can read some stuff about top LFS legaues and events or even about LFS top teams and racers.
I mean maybe there is lack of LFS magazine about most important things in LFS with some reviews about latest races, which team improve more/less since last race or last season.

This could somehow fix this "lfs is dead" situation which actually is something mainstream in people's mind and turn them out of that. We can think about it like back in the days CTRA was working in this way. When CTRA was alive we no needed more tracks, more cars, more updates from developers. It keept our positive thinking about lfs in our mind without any interest about asking when new patch is coming?
When i come from ToCA Race Driver online racing it was the time when toca rd2 was upcoming in next 2-3 months but race driver 1 still have some group of highly experienced and quick racers but we all felt lack of being some big community, with some big more or less official leagues and stuff like that, we dont even have a game forum and everyone felt lack of some official/unoficcial ranks.
Developers of Live for speed gives us a free hand in stuff like that, they gave us just a game, thing on which we all can focus and complain about.
Mod' s and updates or still new add on' s aren't any LFS force.
This force was our community and creativity of that what else we can put in a simple and nice game. CTRA was thing who keept community together, it was a popular system for everyone with very nice and simple interface including rankings, licence's etc. people were happy because they can compete and all this was a part of those important stats, they were coming there because everyone want to be a part of something that looks really professional and is interesting in that way.
And fact is our cruise and drift servers looks more interesting than actual race servers in LFS now. Even iRacing stats is nothing more than some kind of a copy / or something similar thing like CTRA well known from lfs.
I think we wont need more cars which we never use because there is too much cars, dev's know what to do with the game.
All we need is to make this sim more interesting.

iCON News Magazine No. 8/09 (introducing the BnJ revival cup)
(133 posts, started )