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Poll : Your thoughts on LFS

LFS will get content/major update within the next year
LFS will eventually die off
LFS will go along as it has with no change in the next year
LFS is made of candy and other sugary goodnesses...
LFS will stay as is until the next so called 'LFS killer'
LFS' current state and you?
After nearly 6 years of playing LFS the development has hit an all time slow and I, personally, have lost a lot of interest in LFS. I still pop in every now and then to see if/what anything has happened... nothing has happened.

I've got no idea if the Alpha tag will ever be removed from S2, but after 3 years I would expect it to be at least S2 Beta by now.
Quote from Rotary :After nearly 6 years of playing LFS the development has hit an all time slow

Of course it has. As software gets more complex, it becomes more time-consuming to make changes to it. This is perfectly normal.
Quote from danowat :New car or track is a publicity stunt, something to please those with short attention spans, WOW, new car, that wow factor stays for about, oh 5 mins, it's also a much more news worthy addition in terms of publicity than, "tyre physics improved".

Couldn't disagree more. LFS already has pretty good tire physics which could be made great with small (but defenately time consuming) updates. Make the tires slide less, make longnitudal grip more realistic, improve the heat model. With these items done well LFS could very well beat iracing's ass in tire physics.

What people seem to want in my opinion is new tracks to drive with those good tire physics. No matter how great some product is, it needs new content every now and then for the simple reason that repetition does no good. A fishing game needs new oceans and boats every now and then, a game about ski jumping needs more than two arenas and two jumpers to keep people interested.

New physics won't bring anyone back if it is the same tracks you need to drive once again which you have already driven to death. Even with the league racing aspect, I'm really struggling to start LFS for the most time. And to be honest I'm itching to drive that LX6, FZ50 or XRT but there is no place to drive...

The main thing for LFS is the lack of new tracks. If anything LFS needs new corners very badly. If a new track like Kyoto or Aston was released it would take weeks and probably more than a month to find a server that isn't running that track with lots of people on it. A new track would also send the signal to the world that LFS isn't dying.

Scirocco and a mosambik language patch, that's what going on :/

And tbh. the more complex just isn't correct. Apart from the tires, most of the stuff is just as hard and time consuming as it was 4 years ago. LFS hasn't developed that much since the 2006 when the last physics patch was released.
Lol, new car would be good really.

+1 for a new track environment.
Option 5)
Candy Mountain, yaay
Quote from Mazz4200 :In the Big Rock Candy Mountain you never change yer socks....sounds good to me

If a hobo approaches you and suggests that you might like to travel to a mountain made out of sweets, call the police.
Quote from thisnameistaken :If a hobo approaches you and suggests that you might like to travel to a mountain made out of sweets, call the police.

You've met the wife then...
lol why are u guys whining and crying like little biatchs the devs have live's to i have been playing lfs for god knows how long :P i still rember hex editing the XFG and doing 33 sec lap times on blackwood in beta.

the way i see it lfs is a alltime good racing sim and if they dont make it nfs style it will keep attracting good sim racers
Quote from thisnameistaken :Big patches tend to turn up every six months or so. The last one came in the summer, so maybe we'll see one soon. Scawen seems to like to clear his desk a bit before christmas, then take a nice long break, so again - maybe we'll see something soon.

I am not Scawen, nor am I speaking for Scawen. I am guessing based on the way things have gone since I've been here.

Big patches do tend to show up every 6 months. And almost always they are preceded by a 30-45 days of complaints that LFS is dead.

This thread doesn't fit into that category. Those usually have titles like, "LFS - nothing new for a long time" or "LFS is dead to me" or "Nobody races online anymore". By my calendar, we're almost due for one of those threads. C'mon people, get to work!
I don't have so much time for LFS these days and for me at least, you get out what you put in. I enjoy competitive races but the most enjoyable races are those where I have put a lot of time and effort into my preparation. I just don't have the time or inclination to do this anymore. A new car or track isn't going to change that.

I think to encourage me back to LFS would need significant changes to the current game. I still think the sound could be improved, the lack of prototype LMP style cars is a big shame for me, changeable weather conditions with rain would make longer races really exciting and the biggest thing for me is still the crash detection problems.

But to be honest, even then I doubt I would ever play LFS to the level I was at a year or two ago. I tried a long race a couple of weeks ago and I just found myself slightly bored after 20 odd laps.

I think for me LFS is reaching the end of its product life cycle.
I still cant believe after all this time you still fly into space when you collide with a stationary object , that fault has plagued LFS from day one and still every bit as bad.

The sim experience flies right out of the window when you fly to the moon after a small bump with a wall or barrier...

For me that shows how slow LFS development really is, a major flaw still with us after what 6 odd years?

And yes i do try my best to stay off the walls but fun original servers like CTRA Bump and Jump just highlight a fundamental fault with LFS.

Apart from that rant LFS needs ,new tracks.
Hmm it looks this thread is going to be the LFS mprovement suggestions thread.
#41 - 5haz
Whenever an 'LFS Killer' comes along, it will have to be pretty amazing to kill LFS, currently I can't think of any (NetKar maybe, but its pace of development is equally glacial :razz.

But when LFS final is released (wether I'll still be alive I don't know), it will die fairly quickly if 3rd party addons are not premitted.
LFS is made of candy and other sugary goodnesses...

But Scirroco and a couple of new tracks in the next patch would be awesome...
#44 - th84
More MRT friendly tracks would bring me back.
Quote from Gentlefoot :... I just found myself slightly bored after 20 odd laps.

I think for me LFS is reaching the end of its product life cycle.

Probably quite a few of the oldstagers (and not only them) have driven more LFS-miles than Coulthard has driven F1-miles. Actually it would seem strange if they didn't start to find it boring.

This is by no means a short "attention span" - as was mentioned. Not only because "attention span" is totally wrong an expression.

Maybe by drastically limiting your LFS-time, stop playing when it's still fun or the like you could extend LFS's "life cycle".

I did this with my motorbike. but there DOES come a time - even after not playing/riding for a looong time and feel the urge to do so - when it gets totally boring after only a couple of miles. Simply because it's the same old same. And unless you don't erase your memory it will never be as thrilling as it once was.

Nevertheless I think some new tracks would be the most promising of the life sustaining measures. If I were to move to somewhere else (completely else, that is) I'd probably ride my bike again.

Maybe exchanging tracks instead of adding some might be the sh*t! Coupled with altering all the cars (except for the "real" ones) a fair bit... woooohaaaaa....

It won't happen.
You can't compare riding a motorcycle to playing a video game, when comparing boredom and repetitiveness.

Tracks are fixed in game, roads are yours for the choosing in RL.
Quote from S14 DRIFT :You can't compare riding a motorcycle to playing a video game, when comparing boredom and repetitiveness.

Tracks are fixed in game, roads are yours for the choosing in RL.

Oh yeah? So the roads in RL are not fixed? I must have missed something. Elaborating on this too much wouldn't really add to the topic so I'll make a short version for you - maybe you'll understand.

Driving in RL (racing or cruising) gets boring after a while. So it's only evident that simulated driving will get boring too.

EVERYTHING gets boring if it doesn't change significantly from time to time.
I mean... you can choose to go out. Where to go, when to stop, etc. No-one who has a motorcycle, when riding for pleasure, goes along the same road time and time again.

</off topic>

You arrive at a junction, you can choose to go left, or right. That's a luxury you don't have online.

Which brings me onto a possible improvement suggestion! Tracks that split and go different ways, and then rejoin later on. This gives you some choice, at least.

One way is faster, but much longer. Other is more difficult and technical, but shorter. Obviously you'd use different ways in different situations, but to be fair both would have to take roughly the same amount of time to drive for the average person.
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LFS Development is slow no doubt, but you only need to look at what we've been given (for free mind you). They may take their time producing more content, but at least we know when we get it, it's always quality.

As for something new.....
I've heard its a technically impossibility due to the LFS engine. But having a completely open South City would be fantastic.

Series Admins could design a new race course the night before a race/round without the possibility of someone having done alot of practice.
Development isn't dead. It's just in a long coma

LFS' current state and you!!11!
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