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Event 11, BL1 & FOX
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Event 11, BL1 & FOX
Here we go again, just few hours left before the race. Any final comments?
Final comments....hmmmm...Be Xtra carefull in turn 1.....
I want to win please.


Post Race report:

Had a pretty good turn one and made up quite a few places but was knocked off at the exit of the chicane for some reason, suffered small amount of damage which caused me to have bad handling, this combined with the refusal of my R2's to heat up meant I had no grip. I was sliding in nearly every corner (and spinning on the exits) - after the repairs things were not much better either, no tire temps really ruined my day. After my 2nd spot I also got a drive through and ended up doing it on the last lap (by accident) and being disqualified - bugger all around.

Sorry to everyone.
Unfortunately I listned to advice and too R3's at the start (last pool). They never warmed up and I was lapping about 3 seconds off my normal pace. I pitted early and the R2's were far better but I'd dropped 4 places from a 6th place start to crossing the line in 10th.

I'm generally not keen on the FOX and I'm glad I finished, it was sad to see several people stuck in the gravel.
Im so stupid :-)

I drive 27 or 28 laps with no problem... then in turn 6.. i think its turn 6 :-)
"the corner bevor pit in" and stuck in the sand for around 2 laps
Damn it

but it was a funny race and i cant wait for the last one :-)

ps.: last pool^^
I had a great race in Pool 2
6th to 1st

Event 11, BL1 & FOX
(6 posts, started )