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Adjustable drag strip?
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Adjustable drag strip?
What if the drag strip was increased to let's say a 6mile long peice of road. Where at the start of the race you could adjust the length of it from 1/8mile to 5miles long. I think it would give some extremly close racing with a full field of cars and some pretty intresting crashes.

Also a good place for people to test the maxiumum speed of cars.
It would be fun, and slightly less pointless than the current drag strip we have now. I suppose it would make drag servers more interesting, not that I've ever seen one anyway. A 6 mile runway would indeed be nice though.
I think a longer strip would be a lot of fun actually yeah. 6 Miles, wow, that would be long... but as you said, to duke it out head-to-head and get in battles just going in a straightline, that could be lots of fun Drafting too especially

Would be a great tool to test and practice slipstreaming, as well as getting some top speeds here and there
I'm definately all for this
very good idea!
Indeed, I've been so long waiting for a decent straight.
oh man that would rule. All for this!
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Quote from thisnameistaken :Excuse my ignorance but surely, once you're in the highest gear, if you're infront then the race is won? The remaining several miles of road would only serve to give you an opportunity to rub your opponents noses in it before you cut the beam.

Most of the time I would imagine that happening but like stated before there's the possibility of drafting if you can stay close enough. This long stretch would add a new strategy to drag racing. The strip we have now it's all about getting off the line the quickest, and it's so short that a car with a higher top speed isn't necessarily going to have enough time to catch up. With this long stretch of road you would have to find a good balance between getting off the line quick but making sure your gear ratios dont have you topping out too quickly.

I like this idea
I asked for something similar a good few months back. Would love to see this.
the previos time this was threaded it was flamed with some arguments about the clarity of the quarter mile as a standard worldwide...

Altough i'm for it i guess it won't happen.
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Would be useful for some drag racing and useful for some clowning around... I agree
6 mile strip =
6miles could let u work out top speed and braking so you can work on car
Sounds good to me, would b fun because you would end up drafting and then someone drfting past you again

Ps - S14 drift - nice avatar =) sexy car shame they got rid of it
I'd like to hear some of the devs opinion on this
This would rock! We should have like a slider, like the laps slider, that goes up in increments of 1/4 of a mile. +1!
Thought this thread died
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cause thats the way you'de be going when the car is accelerating normaly till top gear...
A runway that is infinite long (would loop from the start after you reach the end) would be nice to test some top speeds and car wind drag experiments.
Quote from Matrixi :A runway that is infinite long (would loop from the start after you reach the end) would be nice to test some top speeds and car wind drag experiments.

It won't have any real purpose in racing though.
I too would love to see this. Something to test top speed at too!
Would love to see this....
Love it +5

Adjustable drag strip?
(32 posts, started )