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Mouse sensitivity
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Mouse sensitivity
Hello people,
First of all, i would like to say hello to everyone, because this is my first post to the forums
Ive been playing LFS about 3-4 months (learning to drift ), and i like it VERY much...
The thing that gets annoying is, that in LFS, there is no way to set mouse sensitivity. I know there is centre reduction, but personally i hate it.
It would be quite good to add this function in future. Just little slider in options to set sensitivity.
Thats my opinion, and i would like to hear, what you think about it...
Like this?
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What on the earth is THAT doing THERE ???
...but sadly, it cant be set lower that 1.0x ...
I have friends who have same problem with that mouse, but its because they want SLOWER steering and the everytime have to go controlpanel-mouse-mouse sensitivity, etc. ... And when they quit LFS, the have to do same procedure again, because that SLOOOOOW sens. is very slow to using with touchpad. Im sure you know what i mean...

But thanks anyways... i would NEVER search it THERE
+1 for this
It is elementary feature in all games, that use mouse
My mouse sensitivity in windows is a bit higher, because I like to move fast from one side of the desktop to another, but in LFS I would appreciate lower sensitivity for more precise driving.
Now I compensate it a little bit by increase of dead zone of neutral position.
#5 - Luko
somebody put that sensitivity settings into lfs menu. i have very low sensitivity in windows becouse of lfs. its not very comfortable. or buy me g25...
#6 - Luko
Quote from Not Sure :Like this?

good idea, but x1.0 is normal sensitivity (same as in mouse/keyboard option) and problem is to set low sensitivity...
If you use a Logitech mouse, the logitech control panel allows you to setup the mouse with a specific game setting - different sensibility and even different actions for the mouse buttons.
Worth a look
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Mille Sabords: Thanks, but I use Microsoft mouse and in attached software I can only change buttons settings for different applications, senstivity is set globally
But I really think, that they should include mouse sensitivity setting in LFS, it shouldn't be difficult.
#9 - arco
Turn off "Enhance pointer precision" in Windows and adjust speed down a notch or two. I did that back when I used mouse and it worked ok.
Enhance pointer precision is off, but my problem is, that I need longer distance for steering. Now it is about 5 cm from full right to full left and I would like to have more "space".
btw now this is problem just in FBM, FOX and MRT, because by the time I got used to higher sensitivity in road cars
How do you increase the dead zone?

Mouse sensitivity
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