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Fuel mixture adjustment
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Fuel mixture adjustment
In formula one you always here radio orders to change the fuel mixture to get some more umph at the expense of fuel economy. It would be neat if we had this option aswell. Maybe for some cars (like the FO8) you could change it during a race and for others just in the pit.

I think this would add an interesting extra dimension to endurance races.
This would just lead to everyone running the optimal mixture all the time.
#3 - axus
Sometimes you can only just not make your one-stop strategy because of fuel, so it would be nice to have I guess... it would end up being so that you just make your scheduled pit stop with a full tank probably, but maybe worth having.
This was many times discussed on RSC as so as here. I will try to summarize some frequently spoken ideas related to mixture adujstment

M.Adj has some sense only when you have a better modelled engine. Different mixture means different power, different power means different reliability, different reliability means different care about overreving, do I have continue?

This option will lead to uneven car perofrmances.
It is different from car setups. There is no 100% optimal car setup. I give an example.
I 've downloaded Flotch's rallycross setup for XRT because I raced with the default rallycross setup and I thought my bad times are caused by it. But with Flotch's set I just wasn't able to go aroun d the corner. Why? Because that setup just didn't fit me. Different racers preffers different car setups. Clear?
But With engine it's different. If there'll be a grid of GTi's, every GTi has the same 90kW engine and be sure if there'll be an option how to set engite to 92kW, EVERY racer will do it. LFS at the moment doesn't models engine damage is some advanced way, so there'll be no penalty in reliability. So, why do we need to have adjustable value, when we know that every racer with IQ greater than 55 will set to the best value that he'll found on the setupfield?

That's all from me. You'll see that I'm not alone who thinks same. If I have to say the truth, I've also suggested similar idea on RSC half a year ago, but when I tought about it, I realized it has no sense at the moment. Wait for S2, maybe some latter version of S2 with complete damage. Your suggestion isn't bad, but it's simply not feasible actually.
But the trade-off isn't only between performance and engine wear, an increase in performance will also cost you fuel economy.

IMHO It would be cool to have it set so you have some fuel left at the end of your stint, but when you're stuck behind someone, you can set it more aggressively using up that extra bit of fuel. Also, as axus said, it might lead to some people being able to do with one stop less because they've sacrificed some speed for economy...
I don't think the engine is modelled in enough detail to do this yet. But it would certainly be an interesting addition at some stage (for longer races anyway, it adds another element of strategy).
And how big effect this actually has on fuel consumption and power?
#8 - JTbo
In the LFS type of cars, the difference between running at peak power richness versus best economy weakness is going to be barely perceptable. You might, in 3 hour GTR races be able to make it work, or in 2 hour F1 races. But right now we have no need for an economy mode - it's not as though being 'stuck' behind someone slower for lap after lap is a problem in LFS, so everyone would run rich all the time.
#10 - axus
Dunno, hey. That FZR can be pretty thirsty at times.
want to drive more economically? don't press the loud pedal all the way down... simple...
#12 - axus
Fair enough... perhaps someone can write an application that changes the maximum throttle using buttons on the wheel to a different percentage, then displays messages to you through InSim to tell you the value you set it to - would this be possible?
Sounds like an idea that might work quite well, although the turbocharged fxr and xxr they wouldn't really benefit from running a lean mixture if the engine damage model was also there, because the turbo makes the mixture very important. Meaning a lean mix and turbocharging don't really mix.

It would however really even things up for the fzr and let it compete more easily on the longer endurance races when a leaner mix could be very useful.

Fuel mixture adjustment
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