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NASCAR tyres
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NASCAR tyres
Hi, im not a fan of nascar myself, however ive always liked the yellow good year tyres they have on.
Can anyone make some for me. I couldn't see any on the texture database or see any in my searches.
i am also looking for some white walls (for screenshots)
if anyone can help it would be much appreciated ... Images&um=1&hl=en
I'll look into it.

Does anyone know what file the tyre sidewalls are?
There's a hires Goodyear in the sidewalls I use. It has a weathered effect though which might not be what you're after.
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thats great thanks!
i don't mind too much about the weathered effect, actually i quite like it!
+ i don't think white wall tyres would be too hard to make,would they?
Here's the simplest possible whitewall sidewalls - just a white dds file with an all white alpha channel.
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wow those tyres are perfect!

1 big problem!

i can't have the yellow and ww tyres at the same time

(dds noob)

anyone sort it into 1 pack?

+ just a quick screen with my new ww
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over 200 views and not 1 person can add the white walls into the other pack? over write michelin or something :S
It's not my style but it's not hard to do so here you go. No more Michelins.
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You bumped a 9 year old thread to say "nice"? Ok...
why you heff to be mad?
Quote from BeNoM :You bumped a 9 year old thread to say "nice"? Ok...

what is wrong with it? this is forum so if people like old ideas they can say something about it but You're only one person who see something wrong with it all time
There's no rule regarding bumping old threads on this specific forum, but in general forum etiquette across the internet it is regarded as bad form, as are one word posts that do nothing to add to the discussion. It's seen as spamming for the purpose of stat-farming.

NASCAR tyres
(13 posts, started )