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Better lap timing details
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#1 - reJJe
Better lap timing details
I would be more than happy if there will be a more advanced lap timing system. For example; it would be nice if all the lap times you have driven shows up after the finished session and not only the best one as now. (I want more details about the race or qualify session.) Also the other drivers laps should be listed. I'm also searching for a better split time text position, and the gap times between the drivers should also have a much better position. I barely see the gap time to the drivers in front or behind me.

Give us a better lap time system with more details and better layout.

Thanks for a GREAT game !!!!
#2 - xtm
Totally agreed, I would love to see some more detailed stats of my performance after the race, like a debriefing type of thing. One other thing missing is the sector times (i.e. split2 minus split1), they are a good indicator. Also, maybe a speedtrap which will capture your max speed at the end of the straight or at the finish line.

my $0.02
+1 , i like the idea
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An insim script can do that for you. LFS lapper can do it but it's server side. In the exemples of the LFSLib there was a tool wich displayed your splits but you must use the gateway in order to make it work. This was a client side app (called Time Monitor).
^Quite true. Although, it would be nice to see such features as an LFS default. I sometimes would like to know a bit more about my laptimes and trap speeds so I know where I'm gaining/losing times on the track.
+1 for having it in a more convenient place, but for the time being, you can check out at least some of that data on LFSW after the race.

Better lap timing details
(6 posts, started )