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Join the "We're glad LFS is harder and more realistic now" club
Posting here confirms you as a member of the "We're glad LFS is harder and more realistic now" club. Yes, LFS has just had a new patch, and we think it's great.

Okay, so we lost digi-speedos, we lost autocut/blip, we lost behind view (as we knew it) and immediate 90 degree look (but had 45 degrees added instead) and a few things need ironing out (which'll happen for the final version), but we've gained a whole lump of realism in return. Having to control the throttle for upshifts, and manually blip on downshifts (with or without autoclutch) is so much better for racing.

Digi-speedos are gone forever, which is a nice nudge to realism. Okay, so some real road cars had them, but they were few and far between (and generally less accurate), so it's a good thing. We now have to drive by feel! Woot!

Cockpit view is going well, now with slight adjustment! Now everyone can have a realistic (ish) driving position and view!

Clutch heat is still a bit dodgy, but then it's early days, and I'm willing to put money on it improving (without setting a timescale).

In short, because of ALL the changes to LFS, we love it even more.

Does that describe you? Then post in here, and join the club

Post and thread slightly in jest (but only slightly) and partially as a mini-dig to all the "it's too hard now" moaning nancy boys!

Edit (months later) that I think is such a good quote that fits in with the ideology of this thread, even if it meant for fun:
Quote from Mazz4200 :Think how many other developers would say "OK, so we got this new car, but it handles like a pig on roller skates, meh, it's good enough, ship it". But for Scawen and boys that's simply not acceptable. They strive for perfection in every area of the game, even if that means ripping up existing code and starting over. OK so that means updates get pushed back, and they run the risk of upsetting a few folk, but, if the end product is as good as it sounds, then it's always worth waiting for. And I for one am very pleased they're that "anal", that fastidious. Their attention to detail should be applauded, and not continually criticised for been slow and lazy.

Some have said they've lost their passion for the game. But Scawen's post in that thread suggests to me that it's stronger than ever, and long may it continue.

I'll join!

Its more fun, I think.
#3 - axus
/me joins.
I'm now as bad as in driving school... xD ... dear LFS Community beware of me!

but I join as well...
(btw: can someone give me a third pedal to clutch propperly? I mean... x-mas is knocking on the door)
#5 - richy
#6 - Nobo
/me joins

some of my teammates just hate the patch, but mostly those who havent been there at last major physic patches, referring to April 06 Patch.
as much as i tend to disagree with deggis ajp and you on these subjects on this occasion ill join in on the fun
Off course i'll join in!
Count me in.

I sucked at LFS before, I'll suck at it now. But more realism = better.
If I wanted something easy I'd be playing NFS.
realism f*** yeah!
Arrr! Count me in. pirate:

I'm greatly enjoying blasting around in the FZ5 on SO Chicane route with manual H-gate. It's weird, because firstly, I hate that car and secondly I though I was rubbish with three pedals, but it's not that bad after all dancing around the whole set.

Could be much more challenging to bring your car home though. Can't wait some proper engine/gearbox damage!
ill join but.. i still have the digital speedo on lol..after i put the x30 patch onto my x10 i see the digital speedo, but not in the menu
Chase veiw is there still :P
As long as chase veiw is there it`s fine for me. Only negative is that my pedals is going to die of all the hammering off and on the trottle pedal with the new car.
The new things are really nice, tho I think BW is too narrow now imo.
Yes, loving the new challenges and hugely improved immersion
I'd be in, but I just had to learn that we just claim those new features to be more realistic, when in fact they just make LFS harder to handle.

Ah, sod it, I'm in anyways
Me joins, altough I'm a bit disappointed about 45degrees only, it's ok in a singleseater, but in road cars you surely can turn your head more.
I've never used auto blip or cut (well, maybe in pre S1 demo days, but can't remember 100%), so it's all good for me.

I can see that too much realism is, well, too much (ex. I don't feel like googling how to start a car like I had for nkpro). But to start moaning when you have to lift your foot a little bit? Are some people that lazy?

Oh, and for "I don't want my pedals to die on me early" comments. I'm bliping and cutting throttle for cca. 1.5 years on my DFP and not a single problem with pedals whatsoever.

Little rant from me, sorry about that

I'll join
jaja me too
#20 - joen
Count me in, these changes were necessary, although I have to agree with:

Quote from Lible :Me joins, altough I'm a bit disappointed about 45degrees only, it's ok in a singleseater, but in road cars you surely can turn your head more.

#21 - wien
No complaints here. I'm loving just about every change in the new patch. Count me in.
I definitely like the improvements that have been made... for some reason it feels more netkar proish.... but not as hardcore....

Yes, very impressed with the new patch.

However I don't think it's 'harder'. I actually think the added realism, and slight changes in physics has improved the feel I get from the car, and I now feel more in control.
#23 - troy
i love it so far and eagerly awaiting the final result in a week or two

Tomas aka DevilDare :

Yes, sir
#25 - adin
I'm in