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Round 3 Broadcast Live !
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yep, it says "... could not be saved, because the source file could not be read." Whatever that means.
Quote from Checkout :yep, it says "... could not be saved, because the source file could not be read." Whatever that means.

Same here...
What about the Round 4 broadcast?

Yes or no?
#79 - Worm
Download still doesnt work :/
it does work here. hm
#81 - Worm
Maybe someone who managed to download it could upload it on another server/FTP?
It says downloading 695 MB, then only does about 1MB and says it's finished... and only plays about 30 seconds of the broadcast. That's happened more than 5 times in trying so far. Furthest I've got is when they swapped commentators and he said "your screen may look big atm" or something Sometimes it only goes a little bit and I can only hear a tiny bit of squassy's shit voice.

edit: I got to almost the end of the lag lap!!!!!!
Hmmm that's weird
#84 - Worm
still can't download.

plz, upload it on other place plz :'(
#85 - troy
take a download manager, it also stops lots of times but you can resume with it
#86 - Worm
What soft do you have?
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#87 - troy
Try downloading it via a torrenting programe if you have one, I use bit comet and that works as a fine download manager.
#89 - Worm
it works but, when there is an error, the download doesnt seem to be resume? It starts from the beginning...

Plz if someone, has this file, maybe he can upload it somewhere? it will be very nice

Or maybe someone has a good URL?
Worm is so desperate for this stream, I know the feeling of wanting to see what was said about you when you win but TBH, because you were never really racing anybody it was mostly inferno coverage.
#91 - Worm
LOL, yea, but at least, there is the first lap
#92 - troy

Thanks to ZODhog for uploading the files.

Please note that our server can get slow sometimes, and the downloads may even timeout sometimes. I'm not sure as I've not hosted such large files on there before. It may be a good idea to use some software which allows you to resume your download should it fail.
#94 - Worm
Thx troy and josh
Link from troy works fine with bit comet
Downloaded off Josh's one. Still only got to 16th lap, just before Joona hit them tirez.

Maybe I'll come back tomorrow and try some of them torrent thingo's :/
#96 - arco
Hello people!

If anyone's interested, I've converted the stream to XviD format. The size is 345 MB and the quality is about the same as the original. I'm sharing it using Torrent for the moment. Torrent file is attached.
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Round 3 Broadcast Live !
(96 posts, started )