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Proper Dual Monitor Support?
I don't mean having the full 3d view in on both screens, I know that's possible. The division between screens (and the inability to ever seem to get the damned colors exactly the same across 2 monitors) make it really impractical to do that...

However, Being an avid Flight Sim fan ... The beauty of dragging UI elements and other stuff (radio stack/gps, etc in the flight sims) to the second monitor...

I know that IRL you dont get to see all of the info that LFS could present, but IRL you're generally not the Driver and Crew Chief at the same time. I think having your pit options, and stuff like that there would be well as a larger map with the driver indicators, so you can actually see who is behind you... as well as expanded lap info (ie, showing split times and lap times for your last 5 or 10 laps)
#2 - ajp71
Yes I've been wanting this for ages, not more unrealistic stuff but some of what's currently in the HUD and available IRL projected on my second screen in huge writing, none of this squinting at stuff that's being displayed too small to see but still distractingly big on my main screen.
Good Idea!
+1 for a large map of the race track on the other screen!! (Thinks of a possible InSim app that I started making once...) (I think pit options and other stuff would be nice on that other screen.
+1, considering most cards nowadays come with dual outputs (even if u have to go to maplins and spend £10 on a DVI>VGA adaptor)

love the large map idea blackbird

.. for anything having to do with UI customization in fact. a very big tachometer on the second monitor would be nice and why not speedometer, then one could actually use the analog one..
I'd like a touch-screen as my second monitor, where I could set pit stuff during race by a simple tuch of a finger. Generally, you could see much more information, that would even be interactive and without ubscuring the view.