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Default engine sounds (not .eng)
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Default engine sounds (not .eng)
So I want to change around some engine files, ie have the lx6's sound for the xrt, fo8's for rac, something like that, etc etc. I was wondering where the default engine sounds are, i can't find them.
#2 - garph

And I'm pretty sure you can't do that, don't think it works.

EDIT: No, it does work...kinda
#3 - troy
why don't you play around with shift+a ingame? that is probably the best method we got so far
you can even add your own samples there
Um, they ARE the .eng files. That's all there is.
No. The .eng files only tweak the base files. Already tried. Also, what's this on adding your own samples with jsut the shift+a?
The samples are IN the .eng files. You can load your own sample (which isn't like a GTR sample, it's more of a gunshot sample i.e. short and sharp to simulate combusion), and then tweak how it is changed by RPM, throttle etc. Same for turbo noise iirc, and maybe some other things.
the sounds you are looking for are hidden sort of..

you can "export" the default engine etc. sound by pressing "S" on the shift-a -menu

good luck trying to make them better
What do I open the .eng files with? Or decompile...
LFS - Press Shift-A
LFS - Press Shift-A
What Tristan has said is right. The only tool you need for editing .eng sounds is LFS.
Shift-a, you can load and save samples, and tweak the way the engine modifies the sound. That's the ONLY way to modify the sounds.
I need lx6 default sound somebody link??? i need!!!!!

Default engine sounds (not .eng)
(13 posts, started )