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Make some of the cars' setup unchangeable
Some of you may be familiar with the real series using the Ferrari 360 spiders in Ferrari 360 Challenge. (Btw. In the Ferrari site it reads that these will be changed to F430 spiders next year). As I have understood, these cars have very little to change in their setups? So maybe tire pressures, tire type and some suspension geometrics and that's it! How about having a car in lfs (or change one or more of the current ones) so that only some minor setting can be changed?

Of course the basic setup had to be good, unlike the "official RA setup". Maybe make the XR GT like this? As the FZ50 could be the obvious lfs twin of the Ferrari spider (well, the closest to the ferrari of the bunch) so to create a LFS-ferrari-spider-class it could be changed too, but I have little doubts about it...even would be a good idea...

Btw. I still don't understand how we can change every little setting in some hothatch (like xf GTi) but can't have racing tires Not that it needs 'em, it just feels stupid...
The setups have already been slightly simplified on the UF1000, XF GTi and XR GT. And the race cars have more options than the mid range cars. So there is some variety.

I agree there is still lots you can change though.
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Quote :Btw. I still don't understand how we can change every little setting in some hothatch (like xf GTi) but can't have racing tires Not that it needs 'em, it just feels stupid...

Yeap agree, i'm wondering more why we have a huge set of springs (increments 0.1KN with a range from 14 to 140 KN/m for the xfgri) . But we only have outdated lowtech linear dampers.

Setups are still unlogic and undone Rfactor is alot better and closer to RL regarding setups
When it comes to restricted setups, it'd be even nicer to see it as a server-side option rather than based on car type. I'm sure this has been mentioned in other threads, too. One of the restricting factors in choosing which server to play on is the fact that I don't have a setup for most of the tracks. Getting some laps in to get familiar with the track is one thing, but combine it with the time needed to also perfect and hone a setup, and it's prohibitive to many people that don't have that much time. If the default/pre-loaded set-ups were actually useable/raceable then not only would it encourage more new/demo racers to buy LFS in the first place, it'd make the multiplayer far more accessible and competitive with servers that force a certain setup onto you.
Quote from STROBE :When it comes to restricted setups, it'd be even nicer to see it as a server-side option rather than based on car type.

I feel that it really just makes things harder if have servers where you're allowed to use one setup only and then other setups where the choise is free. I think that lfs is maybe too setup dependant as some of the cars are almost undrivable with the setups that come in the package. I just doesn't sound reasonable to have some servers where you are forced to use one setup (even if it is a good one) while in other server you are free to use any setup you wish. It's the same car after all.

Also making one or more of the cars to have setups that can't be modified would be great for newbie drivers as there is less setup hunting and more driving. But as this change should be done with the demo cars it may be very hard, because people have made a lot effort to make their setups for the cars, and they are popular in that sense too. They provide great close races and the power of those cars are something that doesn't take long sweaty hours to master, but still it takes skill to drive fast with 'em. They are road cars after all. As the more powerful ones, for example the FZ50 and the LXs could have some more things to fiddle with, but things like fully modificable gearbox ratios or suspension adjustments are not these.

I admit that if we make the xr turbo's setup unchangeable it would certainly get some opposition. But I just can't understand why we can modify the cars' setups so much but a tire change to racing ones is a big no?

I also thought that maybe we could have two versions of some of the cars. One being the almost racecar with the setup modificable to the fullest and to be used with racing slicks or whatevah. Then we had the other one with very little to change. But this would just create a situation where we had plenty of cars and no one driving the one with no setup tweaking allowed.

The bottom line is: I think the true race cars should be the only ones with setup tweaking available. But As I present this, there is no way this could come true. The change would be just too big

EDIT: I know there were some posts at least about the tire choise, but if we forget it, what do you think about the idea of changing the demo cars to have non-modificable setups and the LXs and fz50 to have fewer setup options?
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I like the server side setup fixing idea, but maybe not the whole setup just bits of it.
completely fixed setups might not work well in lfs as its very easy to create a radical setup that takes more than a few laps to get used to.
But being able to fix the wing angle or ride height at the oval would be helpfull. It would give all the drivers more control help avoid some of thouse silly crashes

How about giving servers the ability to send a setup to players? That way you have the option of getting a good setup for a track.
To be honest I really don't understand what would it gain if we had the fixed setups as a server side option. Currently we can change the transmission ratios by 0.001 steps and suspension rates by...this is not right for a non racer car imho.

I was suggesting that change the xr gt and gt turbo plus the GTi to have non-modificable setup. I don't think these are used in oval racing? Of course the race cars must have a lot of setup options.:smash3d: