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I want DOF (Depth of field)
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I want DOF (Depth of field)
What would the effect focus on? There is no way for the game to know which part of the screen you are looking at so when racing you'd get situations where what you want to see is blurred. Think of a situation where you are driving close behind another car, if the game focuses on the other car then the track would be blurred and you wouldn't see the corner ahead. And if the game would focus on the distant track then the car would be blurred.

Only place where such effect makes sense is predefined cutscenes in my opinion.
#3 - Fetzo
i dont understand how this works. how can the game decide on which objects my eyes are focusing?

if it blurs out objects i am actually looking at, it would feel weird, wouldn't it?

edit: oops, i think kegetys explained it better than me
I don't like that a game decides what my focus should be, because sometimes it will be just plain wrong.
I also don't think this is easy to implement and I rather have the devs focussing on the physics and engine + transmission.
If you really want depth of field you can always put a fresnel lens in front of your screen.
Maybe in a drunk driving simulator, but not in LFS.
I dont think its such a bad idea. It would need to be set so that only distant things are blurred, sure its just eye candy but would look cool.
#7 - MR_B
Well, if things started slowly going blurred after 20metres (the legal limit in the UK)
That would add some realism surely?

(By that I mean, reading the numberplate infront which is 20m away and have everything shorter than that 100% in focus)
#8 - FL!P
Dunno. It could probably be nice in replays, but I wouldn't want it while driving.

IMO there should be a distinction between camera views and subjective views. In Racer, for example, they have these beautiful... erm what do you call the circular light artifacts caused by reflections on the camera's lens? Anyway, they look very realistic when watching a replay, but you also have them while driving, which is not realistic at all.

So I think DOF would be nice, but on the condition that it was applied only in replays.
Thats why I wanted to call it an "option" ...
You could choose where to have focus point and how deep you want the DOF to be.
I can't see how it should work if LFS graphics engine is goint to decide where to put focus...
You have to decide that and how deep you want the dof to be.
And as an option you could turn it off.... I think it would eat GPU alot....


PS. And offcourse it's eyecandy...
Ps2. If I had it I would put it on 1m deep and 1m infront of my hood.
Quote from mike20002 :
PS. And offcourse it's eyecandy...
Ps2. If I had it I would put it on 1m deep and 1m infront of my hood.

So you could never see your braking and turn in points totally focussed until it's too late?
Quote from mikey_G :So you could never see your braking and turn in points totally focussed until it's too late?

Quote from mike20002 :Exactly...

Well, that should really help your racing, please don't use me as a backup braking method when this "gets implemented"
I have no really strong opinion on this, one way or the other. I like eye candy, but not at the expense of making it harder to control.

Of course I'm all for a little bit of blurring out of the side windows and maybe even along the edges of the screen (in "wheels" view). But there doesn't tend to be that much blurring out of the windscreen anyway, and the bits which would be most blurred are hidden by the car itself.
Ofcourse it can't be as a negative thing that makes you blind...
But as Dajmin said, out on the sides and maybe 150 - 200m away...

Does anyone know if this is possible to create that effect in a graphic engine?


Ps. Can anyone see if those images are photoshop products?... im starting to belive they are...
Well Kegetys' blur mod was cool, but I had to stop using it since it interfered with Xfire
I agree that DOF would be rather nice for screenshots, but for actual racing, I think it's total bogus as it does not only make racing much harder, it also doesn't represent what your brain actually perceives while racing. You focus on a certain part of the track and the rest is more or less blocked by your brain, you don't really "see" the blurred parts.* And why would you want to hamper your racing experience by pretending to have a camera lens with a large aperture in front of your eyes, anyway?

*Edit: To elaborate on this: The human eye is so fast in focusing on a certain object, that your actual dof is changing constantly, because the eye wanders constantly and focuses anew. Everyting you look at directly is always in focus. Your brain now sort of stiches together all those focused areas and what you perceive is almost no dof (unless you try to concentrate on your peripheral vision, of course, but that's not a very good idea when racing).
It would be silly for it to select an object for it to focus on. Since they did it, then the only way to make it workable is to blur beyond a certain distance. However... those images suggest the distance isn't very far. Particularly if you notice the bikes on the grid. The furthest bike is blurred which is only a few metres away. So if it is being blurred by distance, then you would find parts of the track you want to see blurred (just when you need them sharp).

Great for replays, but if it works like that; I definitely wouldn't want it on while racing.

I'd love the game tho. I love MotoGP. Go Tino!!!!

Quote from Fetzo :i dont understand how this works. how can the game decide on which objects my eyes are focusing?

not at all like kegetys said ... although he isnt entirely right since it makes sense for games that are basically one long cutscene (most japanese games)

the only way to get a propper dof effect is with a 3d monitor/projector setup

would be a nice effect for videos though
TDU has that doesn't it?

If i remeber corrctly, the parts to the side of your view becomes blurry (much like it would if you stare straight ahead while on the road) but infront is clear / slightly blurry up ahead.

But, replays = Yes from me.
TDU, like many new games, has motion blur - which is different to DOF.
The graphics output should reflect what our eyes see, not how our eyes process that information.
+1 as an option yes.

I was late to reply
-1 for racing.

IMO distant objects are already quite blurry. And I think all the good points why there shouldn't be DOF have already been raised. I think it's just not going to work..

When the weather system gets improved, options like having fog will add some challenge to the visual aspect of racing, and would also probably look pretty good too (imagine an early morning foggy practice run at Westhill).

Perhaps +1 for spectator replays. ?
Horrible blurring + crappy unrealistic depth of field + LSD pill / tear gas effect (also known as "bloom")

I'm really disappointed how the graphics in general have been "developed" in the past years... Concentration is in the wrong things, for example how cares about how sharp the textures are when the whole screen is full of bloom and blur crap so you can't even tell if the texture size is 64x64 or 1024x1024.

What comes to "photomodes" (like in GT4, PGR etc.), who needs it on PC when we have Photoshop (and it's more fun too).

If you wanted real depth of field, you would need multiple monitors.

Depth of field would be good however if there was a photo mode. Someone should suggest a photo mode.

I want DOF (Depth of field)
(45 posts, started )