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blackwood lap times
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blackwood lap times

Im kinda new and managed a laptime of 1.34.32 (amazing for me) for blackwood, but when I exited and uploaded it came up as 00.00.00 do you have to save your laptimes before u exit hotlapping and if so how!?

Thanks in advance
sorry for being a n00b :P

before exit, press 2 and save your replay. then upload the file you saved from lfs folder, data, spr.

(hardcoreobscure) DELETED by hardcoreobscure : I have my question sorted
Thanks mate

Got me new time up on the hotlaps board, puts me in 10th atm but im sure that will drop with more entries closer to the race

- J

btw if ur an admin u can delete this if u want, cheers
If you want, you can always drive a new hotlap, and if it's better, replace the current hotlap with it

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blackwood lap times
(4 posts, started )