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Comments box in setups
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Comments box in setups
Today I've gone back to a track I haven't raced on for a while and can't find my good set-up usually I just make copys of it as I develop it so I never lose the original settings incase the changes don't work, but this has backfired on me as now coming back to this track I have about 10 copys cadet setups to search through :s

What would be handy is a comments box in the setup window where we can add a little comment about the setup

Good Idea! Especially usefull in combination with track-specific setup-folders.
Damn good idea m8, and good racing with you
please, that would be really usefull
This isn't a new suggestion and is as useful now as it was years ago when someone first thought it up.
#6 - bbman
Nevertheless, adding comments to setups would clear up some of the mess which all the sets cause...
I would be pleased if I could tell one set from another! I find one set for all tracks (almost) and they are made mostly by you Bob,(excellent Easyrace) or TeamPotheads- Stoney. Saves a lot of head scratching.
ever since whomever came up with this idea its been great and im still longing for it, cause then you can put in how much gas it uses per lap etc. and that is important stuff
#9 - Honey
yeah! this would be very useful, while very simple and fast to implement...

i would like that it works this way:
whithin setup sections (brakes, suspensions, etc.) it should be added another one called "tracks" (or whatever) where you can check the tracks where this setup is meant to be used (eg. i can check BL1-forward, WE1-reversed, etc.) and the resulting setup can be saved with this name "FOX_BL1f_WE1r_mynameforthissetup.set"

i think this would be the most handy solution for in-game use and also for archiving/exchanging setups outside the game.

this is one of the "fast-to-implement" things that i really hope to see in S2 final
thats what you can give them names lol
i always name them by the track abbreviation.. always have and always will
Quote from XCNuse :thats what you can give them names lol
i always name them by the track abbreviation.. always have and always will

is also my habit indeed! but apart from getting annoyed of repeating all required "tags", i always lack characters for real descriptive name...more than this since setups cannot be renamed, is also annoing to copy and delete a setup only to change name from "BL1f_WE1r_001" to "BL1f_001"...

...also if i select a car and a track LFS (with my proposal) could optionally filter out setups of other tracks or group them by track.
I didn't know it had been suggested and didn't see it here so posted it. Everyone will come across the same idea at some point and if its not in the offical forum then it will get posted. If we don't post the ideas we get then the game will never get improved the way we want it to.
Fine if someone else came up with the idea, it doesn't bother me the slightest as long as the devs are aware of our thoughts is all the matters .

Yes yes yes! I mentioned this back in RSC, and since nearly all the other sims I've played have it, I can't believe LFS hasn't
I put my vote in this suggestion again.

#15 - Goop
Howdy, has indeed been mentioned before, pic here, and some clever chap also said something about something not completely dissimilar, oh, somewhere over here.

So there
#16 - abz1
Sorry, just bringing this back from the dead.

This is exactly what i was thinking just today when I was asking how much fuel i needed and thought to myself they should incude some sort of a comment box.
good idea bringing this up, maybe scawen will pay attention to it, if he's working on a new patch right now
Thought I had an original idea but good to see it is already thought of.
I feel this would be one of the best ways to implement a setup management system that is sorely missing. Surely for the Dev's it would be an easy improvement. Here's hoping Scawen & the LFS Dev team are listening
This would be useful indeed, alone with longer setup names, filters and I'd also love to see folders for archiving and/or sorting setups.

+1 and bump
Yup +1 from me too, would really help me when coming back to the game after a taking a short stint away, especially for combos I don't drive that much.
Other games has this feature, and its very useful


Comments box in setups
(22 posts, started )