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Engine sounds
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Engine sounds
I know it's been mentioned but I personally believe it's an important issue and deserves a little recognition. First off, props to the devs for beefing the sound realism for S2, now I'm just wondering if it'll be able to be made a little more raspy at the top end. As is, it sounds good but if you have a listen to the engine sounds of the game GTR: FIA GT Racing, the top end of a car like the Ferrari 360 really has the growl/scream which puts warm fuzzies in my tummy
I think the sound of the XRR GT Turbo car aint realistic enough.. I own a Renault 5 GT Turbo in real life and when i drive it, u cant actually hear the engine sound.. by the time u go on 2.500REVs u only hear a phhhhhhhhshhhhhhht from the turbo sucking air, and then woompshhht whenever u change gear, depending on how many REVs u are (higher = louder).
PS: Just realised he has a Renault 5 GT Turbo, not THE R5 turbo...d'oh!

Ok, but where is it written that an XR GT Turbo should sound like an old
R5turbo ?! I can say the opposite too, i used to have a Turbo Firefly and
it WOULDN'T go wooosh all the time, only when i revved really high and
shifted (push on clutch pedal..). That said, there was some whine pretty
much anytime you press on the throttle, just not overwhelmingly loud.

Engine size and boost pressure might be more of a comparision point if we
are talking about turbo sound. What's in the XRT? A 2.0L turbo inline4 i think.
What are the cars that have a 2.0L turbo inline4 ?

Oh wait !! A Renault GT Turbo,...ok, so that's not the same car !!
ok then..
ever been in a Subaru Impreza WRX? or a Mitsubishi EVO? or a Skyline? they all do fshhhhhhhhhhhhhh most of the time
The XR GTT viewed from track cam sounds mighty fine under full song through the gears as it approaches the camera.
Nowadays the sound is not only made by the engine and turbo etc., it's also modified by sound designers to give the car a typical and individual powerful sound, which should appeal to their customers. Whatever you hear in sport cars of luxury class is about 50% power and 50% show.
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Also we shouldn't forget that the XRT is a streetcar. It's not a real sports car but a fast streetcar.
The Subaru Impreza is more a racecar (rally-car) that was allowed to drive on the street.
Imagin driving with the XRT to the supermarket, buy something to eat, and drive 5 rounds of Blackwood on the way home.

But I do agree, this isn't too statisfying. Fast cars are supposed to sound like a beast. That's what gives them this rough and challanging character.

we are talking about XRR not XRT
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Who talked about you? You are not of interest. I am talking!!!

This is a very well known thing to be improved, and the devs have it on their list I believe. Everyone knows that the sounds are not 100%.
IMO the engine sound is to static too. When I hear a car which's gas pedal isn't pressed the engine noise sounds completly different than in LFS (real cars sound a bit... hmm... poppy ? ... yeah and we need gearbox noise )
Quote from ramtech :ok then..
ever been in a Subaru Impreza WRX? or a Mitsubishi EVO? or a Skyline? they all do fshhhhhhhhhhhhhh most of the time

Nope, been in a Sierra Cosworth with 400+ BHP and that went fshhhhhh quite a bit. Turbo was glowing, ahhh memories.

Also been in a Corrado V^ (Super Charged) great cars.

But i know what you mean with the sounds but for me now, i think they are more than acceptable.

Hmm, quite like the first one. The second one doesn't sound to good but that's because its going up to 18k rpm. But they are interesting sounds.

Quite like them actually.

How do you go about making synth engine sounds ?

personaly i wont be satisfied untill any game has better car sounds then NFSU2, there was talk that GT4 was going to have all the REAL car sounds in the game but i beleive there saving them all for Vision Gran Turismo. if LFS had sounds anywear near NFSU2 i would love it. tho im not saying lfs is bad i just would love it even more than i do now.
none of the cars sound too good IMO. I especially hate the sound of the Formula V8, and I was very disappointed with it. Its just got no rasp, or power to the sound.
I prefer all the car sounds in LFS to those in GTR! I really do. GTR's might be nicer initially, but you can't use them to help you drive...
I think a lot of the engine sounds need more of the fundamental frequency in there. They seem to have a really high harmonic content which makes them buzzy and rattly. If you listen to something like an F1 or Champ car engine (from outside the car) it's quite a pure sound, which is what gives it that howling (or shrieking, once the revs get up) quality that raises the hairs on the back of the neck.
I don't know if it is just me but the sound barriers inside the car seems really weird.

In a modern mustang, you can floor the accelerator and you can hear this very even tone as it accelerates, but in LFS you hear the sound as if you were outside of the car. (I'm talking about the roads cars in LFS). The sounds in LFS sound very uneven sometimes, maybe it is just me. I guess it is the thing about how IRL the cars have modfied sounds and most of it isn't from the engine.
Quote from ramtech :ok then..
ever been in a Subaru Impreza WRX? or a Mitsubishi EVO? or a Skyline? they all do fshhhhhhhhhhhhhh most of the time

Yes they do. You can hear turbo boosting, but all i heard when i went in a Evo, was the engine working its arse off. And they are damm fast cars
I think they should just use pre recorded sounds.. /me hides under desk..

But yah, the sounds in Need For Speed Underground 2 sound pretty cool... Maybe something like that.
maybe tweaked pre-recorded sounds so they dont get sued. and i'd like to hear different dump valves for all the turbo cars. the sound system doesnt sound very complex so that might not be something we see untill s3... it doesnt sound like a very hard thing to do but i guess maybe it will come with the the big cosmetic overhaul expected in s3.

People go all googoo gaa gaa over the sound effects in GTR so it could be a good strategy to get more people to get s3... (but they arent so concerned with money so we could get it in s2?)
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I think LFS should follow the path it followed until now. With a bit of tweaking the generated sounds will propably become just as "wild" as we want them to be...

i dont think it needs different engine sounds, it just needs more sounds thats the problem, right now its just the turbo and the engine itself making sound.. that isnt much, because just the engine itself makes about 10 (okay maybe not that many, but more than 1.. and more than 4) different sounds constantly.. whereas in lfs we only get 1 sound for the engine, and thats the exploding in the chambers

like in rfactor, they have about 4 or so different sounds at different sounds, and imo, rfactor has the best sounding engines on the market right now

Engine sounds
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