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there we go.. desertmod is finished ..

greetings : ÐRäGK!NG
Download Link :

unpack everything EXCEPT for the "LFS.EXE" .. since these files are from a pretty older LFS version and its causing corruption.

so reinstall latest LFS.. and then unpack as described above..

Tip : Use Horn Type 5 for Dukes of Hazzard kind of horn

Important Note : This mod cannot be uninstalled, don't use your original LFS folder for the mods but make a new LFS installation/folder if you want to try one of my mods
#2 - ORION
1. rename the thread title to common lowercase language
2. screenshots
3. if you are bored when creating art, it cant be good :P
well there you go
Holy crap! King Midas around here somewhere? :twocents::twocents::twocents::twocents:

Seriously, needs less yellow. Just look at the sand in your main menu screen.

Also, I agree on point #1 from up there ^
lmao.. well maybe ill change the colors again.. minor change.. only 200-400 dds files to change then :P that'll keep me busy ..
Hah, is this serious or a windup prank? It looks awful!

Why would anyone bother?
so whats awful about it.. the colors i guess.. i can change that to the same color as the background.. that should fix things..
First, the shading is not right - looks too green, the desert is more brown. But, does it drive differently? Have you changed the grip, or is it basically driving round blackwood with a sickly yellow-green tint to everything? In that case, a simpler mod would be to hang a piece of yellow cellophane in front of your monitor, then go drive. That is why it is so daft. Sorry.
im not a programmer.. and yes i did change the colors of the dds files.. thats all.. im not superb advanced or anything.. i did the best i could..
I think a piece of yellow cellophane over the monitor would have been a simpler option....
lol k .. i wanted to make a snowmod as well. but i'll use a white paper instead then
Heh! You can release it with a pair of ski goggles and a scarf for extra realism!
I think it looks daft.
Its like wild west!
If you would tone down the yellow of the sand/grass and keep the road black/grey, it would look a lot better.

And the cactuses are cool!.
Just saturate the yellow you gave it to make it more pale, then it would look somewhat ok. But the road should stay the grey color, but maybe have a bit of sandy effect on the edges.
no sandy roads.. hmm im trying the option photofilter now in cs2 photoshop..
i loaded my desertbackground and chose the lightest sand color with the color picker.. with photofilter i can make all dds make exactly the same sand color as the background.. yeah i think grey roads are better ok but it can take a while before im finished with the fixed desertmod then.. so from now on.. ignore the color issue and enjoy the mod so far
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like the cacti and a few other stuff but the road looks totally unrealistic. look at pictures of sandy roads
lmao.. im working on it..
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Find the texture for the sandtraps for the tracks (Aston sand traps are pretty good, they have ripples in them) , and the sand on Fernbay... then you can get an accurate sand color. It looks like you are just doing a hue change to the texture, you should actually find some sand textures if you want it to look like sand

And as a good reference, Laguna Seca is a track that is not exactly sand (besides the sandtraps), but a lot of light colored dirt and dry shrubs on the trackside. ... /fgsport_laguna_seca2.jpg ... g/fgsport_laguna_seca.jpg
This just looks like a mess. Firstly Blackwood is the wrong track to choose, the feel of Fern Bay may make it a good track to convert the sea > desert. If you're going to do this the road should remain tarmac, and the textures must change not just the hue.
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as soon as possible.. when im finished with the road.. maybe adjusting the cactusses a bit more and some other stuff.. ill upload it
Looking better. :up:

Except any unnatural objects such as armco railings and signs should keep their real color
it looks better.. except for some trees.. they are still to dark (background tree bunches) .. anyway gotta go now.. gonna finish this tomorrow.. im getting there step by step cya

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