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Mclaren F1?
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Mclaren F1?
Ok i aint sre if these are real but these are all over the place ive found them on GER-Tech and on a friends photospace and couple more places, anyone know if there real or not and where to get them if they are real?

Basically, someone modified LFS to change the car model. The cars were the same as one of the current car (a demo car I think). So nothing exciting, just some superficial changes.

I have no idea where you can get this mod, nor do I remember whether it was considered illegal by the devs and mods.
Yup, they're real. Eminent LFS editor Kegetys made them and based them on the XF GTi iirc, but I don't think the devs wanted them released (so no, you can't get it). Bit of shame because those models are bloody good :up: But I can dig it. LFS isn't finished so it would be pointless allowing mods.
I remeber reading that the performance was also modified to match that of the modeled car and not that of the demo car it replaced. Something like a LFSTweak too powerful to be suitable for release.
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me too, i found the thread that those pics showed up on to be a very good read. and going by that thread i would say that the lfs community is 50/50 when it comes to mods. i think that link provided is the old discussion. you should read it some time.
yea im reading it now very interesting
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Mclaren F1?
(8 posts, closed, started )