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Resume Session
It would be nice in league races, if LFS disconnects, that it keeps your race state until the end of the race so that when you reconnect you can join back from the pits with your position and laps completed still intact and just carry on with only a little lost time.

EDIT: This would also make tracking insim ID's easier when coding 3rd party expansions, by keeping the same uniqueID on each car for the entire race.
+1 (for resuming - ressuming will have to wait :P )

Possibly as a server-side option (some might not want to use it)? And probably a "disconnect penalty" field to regulate the amount of time to add to the driver's time, although having to start from the pits could be penalty enough for non-endurance events.

EDIT #2:
Which brings up the other possible option - not counting the outlap after session resumption and start counting time after that.

What would happen after the race ends though and a reconnected user is "physically" a lap behind while time-wise he is not?
@xaotik - the disconnection time is penalty in itself, and the lap the driver was on would be effectively lost. They'd resume from the pits as if they had shift-s'd, but with their lap score unaffected.
Quote :the same uniqueID on each car for the entire race

Or even the entire time connected for that session, either way +infinity for that alone.

And +1 to the main point too

Would be a good and fair solution to disconnect problems. You just have to look out, that disconnect + beam to pits + keep lapcount doesn't end up in an advantage somehow. It would only work on tracks with a long last sector and short pit exit anyway, but you have to be sure.
Definately gets my support. I'm sure this has been mentioned before in the distant past, perhaps this is on Scawen's to-do list for patch V, who knows. The sooner the better though, it would be extremely handy.
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Yes! +1
#10 - Jakg
+1 i was doing great in the STCC race before i got disco'ed!

It would also open a path of realism, where for league racing you could only have a limited number of tyres. It'd be a good way to keep racing close over the championship, as people who burn through their softer tyres quickly would be using more worn tyres for the next race, giving slower people an advantage.... sounds very competative to me.
hey jakg i was racing against u last night !!are you the fella who kept on winning !!and the best i could do was 2nd wit 3 tenths offf lol sorry for steeling thread lol
#13 - Jakg
Quote from 11SuLLy11 :hey jakg i was racing against u last night !!are you the fella who kept on winning !!and the best i could do was 2nd wit 3 tenths offf lol sorry for steeling thread lol

i ain't quick, i'm just faster than the average - you just wait until you give me an FXO @ SO2!
is that server on again tonight pretty fun server !!!
maybe a bit off-topic, but how is this: anytime you can press button "pits" and you jump into garage, that's what we have now. But would be more realistic, if you have to drive to pits, and then adjust settings, refuel etc. If you damage your car, you won't be able to pit and start race over again, but need to drive to pits and repair it.. would be great improvement
my english is terrible, sorry
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Quote from 11SuLLy11 : is that server on again tonight pretty fun server !!!

ask Becky - it belongs to her, its running practice for a league (the STCC league - which im in), and to give drivers the experience of manic starts its public, although if its set to private the [MG] server will be running it!

No other penalty is needed other than the disconnect time.
That server (STCC Sim Touring Car Cup) is 24/7 and open to the public. It is kindly provided to us by the UKCT team. It will go private in the afternoon before an event, and be opened up following the event.
+ 1 to original post

But does anyone know how long you stay in the game after you have lost your connection? Because I'd like to stay in the game for at least a minute after my connection has been lost, and have my car say: "Lag 59 seconds" to opponents, and be disconnected from the server after 60 seconds?

Am I talking about being timed out here? (and increasing timeout time)
are the pits on the same side of finish line on every track?
Quote :are the pits on the same side of finish line on every track?

If you disconnected at 12.1 laps completed you would lose X time (even if intentional) in reconnecting, perhaps longer if it's a genuine disconnect.

You'd then log back in at the pits on the start of lap 12, so you'd have done 12.0 laps.

It couldn't be exploited.
or 12.9
Also, I think that if you are in the last sector it should round up the number of laps. However if that is the case it should only let you region after an average sector time there has passed to stop that getting exploited.
i dare to disagree - it should be rounded down i think.
in fact i dont know how the laptime is counted and checked, sometimes we can see the car pitting at the start gaing 1st position till the first split. if time and lap counter wouldnt be zeroed on joining it could be restarted from the split ending last sector clocked.
Sounds like a good idea, IF it's possible to assure the car has the same damage and tires from before the disconnect.
Else it will be abused on publics by fools who crash badly; disconnect and continue the race (as opposed to crash and have to start on lap 1 again), same with cars that get stuck in the gravel ,or people who get a flat tire.

Best thing would be to return the car offroad nearest to where it disconnected ,with same damage and tires

Resume Session
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