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Persistant Car State
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Persistant Car State
This was one thing in nKPro that was very interesting. The state of your car was saved from session to session. So unrepaired damage and the wear of your tires would be the same when you log on or start a race as they were when you left your last session. This made things interesting as tires started out a little slippery as new, gained traction as they started to wear in, and then would loose traction as they started to wear out. So tires ovten would last several races and often be best in the races after the first few laps. used on them.

This could alos later be applied to other wear parts like brakes, engines and the like, or even adding a league feature limiting the number of each part that can be used during a season.
How does it work in pick-up races? Usually there is no quali, warmup, practise. Just race after the race
Simple you have to pit between races if you want to fix or change tires, add fuel etc. Basicly the normal state of the system would just keep the persistant state of your cars. Damage would take time to repair nothing crazy but long enough to make you not want to crash, much longer then repairs take now in the pits. But you would have an unlimited pool of parts to use. Leagues could impliment a limited pool of parts to help encourge racers to save their cars for the long haul.

Time to repair could be somthing like this:
Time per corner:

Tires - 15 Sec
Light Damage - 30 Sec
Heavy Damage - 60 Sec

When we get more detailed damage then each componant could have a time to repair.
In nK there is practice, quali, race ... well the servers I've been on. It's quite nice carrying tyres through the sessions but then we'd all just pit and put new ones on before the restart like I did in nK... Go To Pits > Tires > Mount Front - Mount Rear > Goes racing with new tyres.


Persistant Car State
(4 posts, started )