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Banger Circuit Layout
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Banger Circuit Layout
I raced a few rounds at FM's 8ball banger server and all the hard walls with them bugs annoyed me. They continually totalled my car and I couldn't enjoy the rest of the race with a car that could barely move.

This is why I made this layout. My aims were to:
-Create an asymmetric circuit so it won't be boring
-Have objects that absorb speed before you crash into a wall to minimize the chances of a wall bug
-Have as few objects in the layout as possible but still necessary to avoid unnecessary FPS drop


layout (Right click, save target as...)

The track is designed for the UF1 for banger racing but could also be fun with the MRT.

Suggestions, ideas and feedback are welcome.
Cool layout, looking good
Very nice. We tested that too but imagine what chaos you got when 20 cars ramming the bales and you have them all over the track. Best is to stay away from the sidewalls... till the bug is fixed.
I didn't have the opportunity to test it with a lot of cars at once so I only hoped that the bales would respawn fast enough
Thanks for trying it out guys.
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i know it's been a while...:
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could anybody please attach it in a post?

Banger Circuit Layout
(5 posts, started )