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How to use a skin in LFS [and upload to LFSW]
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How to use a skin in LFS [and upload to LFSW]
For all newcomers and those unaware, here is a short tutorial to use premade skins in LFS

to make this easy to understand for all languages, here is a rough illustration to use a skin ingame

1. Create a new Color selection by click on "New Colour"

2. Go to Colour section on bottom list to define wheel colors and the skin, and click on the button to the right of Texture Name

3. Choose the skin from a list (if your skin is not visible, make sure it is in your data/skins folder!)

4. The skin you chose should now be visible next to Texture Name, and you now can race around with a skin

Demo Users!
Only S1 / S2 licensed users have the ability to download skins through LFSWorld
the only way to make your skin visible to others, is if you contact them by any means, and sending them the file

S1 / S2 Licensed Users!
By logging into LFSWorld and selecting the "My online car-skins" upload your skins to make them available for download while racing online

Lastly, it is rude and stealing by editing a skin without the creators' permission

How to upload skins to LFSW
Skins can be uploaded via LFS World's skins window.
You can use the file selector in that window, or you can drag and drop the skins you want to upload onto the skins window.

If you are a demo racer, you cannot upload skins by default. Only licensed racers get free skin slots. You can however purchase additional skin slots (see the LFS World skins window), so that demo racers can upload skins as well.
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How to use a skin in LFS [and upload to LFSW]
(2 posts, closed, started )