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LFS scripts database
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Quote from AndroidXP :??? Don't forget to disable the Logitech key-functions you've set up earlier!

Okay, please, describe step by step what you're doing...
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type "//scriptname.lfs" to run a script, your only using one slash
toggle allow join during race (midrace=x)

Useful for example if you're running a practice session with midrace=no and easily want to toggle the setting in case a team member shows up.

Bind alt-f1 to /run FEL-midrace_yes
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Quote from Jakg :type "//scriptname.lfs" to run a script, your only using one slash

where can i find it or where do i put the name.
I love the idea of this thread,great work Vain

Here is some script I made today that turns the Hazard lights on\off using a second controller or button box.

I know that the on\off buttons are mapped to key_9 for "ON" & key_0 for "OFF".
So i had to write 6 files to make this work
(Hense the "too" button operation lol)

Included is a read_me & a picture for the ctrl+f_ mapping.

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Is it possible to make a script where you press a button to turn on the indicator, but when the wheel returns to center it turns the indicator off?
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Could someone make a script that makes f9 (tyres temp) always on and once in a while perhaps every minute or two rotate to f10 (car dmg) and so on ? Could be pretty usefull for cruise and race. Thanks.
Message Scroll Display then send.
Looking for input on building a script like the The F9->F10->F11->F12 cycle. In my case I want to configure a rotary encoder to scroll thru and display a list of messages as configured in the F9-F12 and CtrlF9-F12 hotkey bindings. I assume each .lfs file could /echo the messages and bind the associated hotkey to a button. Then once the message you want is showing, pressing the button sends the message. Can the scripts be designed so you can scroll either up or down thru the list?
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LFS scripts database
(34 posts, started )