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wireframe for xrg/xfg skins
i asked someone a question, how do you make logos match on both sides of the car?
because usually for me on one side its a little out of angle or a lil too big or small, so i needed to know how.

they said to get a wireframe. i googled it and i still dont understand what it meant

do i make the wireframe?
what is a wireframe?
how do i use a wireframe when i get one?
where do i get/make wireframes?

would be quite nice if i can get some help on this topicThumbs up
You can copy wire frame skin texture from garage inside lfs and then just paste into whatecer editor u use for for skins
For base LFS cars I recommend using already made templates available here:

To answer your questions:
- you don't need to make wireframe, use what somebody else made or generate it from lfs itself
- wireframe is a image which shows shape of car on flat picture, you can see things like car shape changes, door hinges, handles, etc
- get wireframe and set it as one of top layers in your graphic program, you can then use it as reference by drawing shapes over it or just positioning things
- go to your garage (shift p) and click tab named "colors", at the bottom right there is a button "generate skin template", one of them is wireframe. Another useful one is black and white skin texture. Shaded skin texture is almost the same, it just has more details you could get with wireframe used with imagination. Experiment with every one and see for yourself.

The process of uploading skin to lfs servers so other people can see it is explained here:
You are probably talking about mapping the car model surface onto a flat 2D image, or more precisely a reversed procedure. Say you want a circle over some area of the car which overlaps sides, hood and top for example and you want it too look like a circle on an actual car. This is not a trivial task at all, but it can be done in blender, for that you need a car's wireframe which is a collection of flat triangles (vertecies) expanded into an 2D image.

I wouldn't recommend to deal with this, instead you can just use a way simpler method. Only place shapes or stickers over a single piece of the car skin, like side, top, hood, back and so on. There are some templates that show simple stretching percentages obtained by trial and error for all default lfs cars. There should not be any difference between sides on a car skin, except that they are an exact mirror of each other. Placement of stickers should only be done on an area where you see a bunch of triangles aranged in squares. This means there is little to no bending of a car model there. Avoid areas where you see many small triangles.
Quote from jackson93 :For base LFS cars I recommend using already made templates available here...

thank you so much good sir, this helped out alot.
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thank you everyone for the help.Smile

wireframe for xrg/xfg skins
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