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RETRO CUP 24 | Prologue, July 8th


It's the dawn of the Retro Cup 24 Season!!

We start off next monday, July 8th, with the Prologue of the season, a 60 min timed race in Rockingham RETRO.

It's an extra-championship race, so it's shorter than usual and won't award point for the season but it will be the first chance for the drivers to test the 12 cars of the championship and to familiarize with the new le mans classic grid style start!

But we can be sure that the championship favourites will already be up there giving a show at the front!

Also, it's the last chance to practice before the official start of the championship, on Monday, June 15th.


Rockingham Retro is the shortest track of the season by quite a big margin!

Short lap means more traffic, more drama, more attention needed from the drivers of the faster cars during the lappings.
Who will adapt the best to this half oval-half permanent hybrid?

The track is split in half with a fast, flowing first sector around the circuit's oval complex, while the second half of the lap is super technical.

You'll need to find the right compromise between speed and handling in order to be fast here!

We're going Retro, so the circuit have gone back in time too!
Retro Sponsors, bales, marshall posts and much more have been added to the location to replicate the Retro feel.

Be sure to DOWNLOAD THE RETRO SPONSORS (attached below) for the track to get the best visual experience, also for your streamings!

Installation: just save the two sponsors files below and put them inside your /LFS/data/pic directory, replacing the existing ones.
Be sure to save the original files before replacing them!


July 8th

QP (60 min) || 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET
RACE (60 minutes) || 18:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET

You can find all the info about the rules of the championship, the cars and much more in the championship info thread

Also, you can find a big pack of Retro Skins for the cars here!

See you on track RETRO DRIVERS! Thumbs up

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Race Day!

Tonight, the season begins with the Prologue at Rockingham. Thumbs up

A 1 hour extra-championship race, to warm-up before the official beginning of the championship, next monday at Westhill!

Today's timetable

QP (60 min) || 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET
RACE (60 minutes) || 18:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET


Server will be passworded after qualifying

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Pass: Retro24


BWGPeterfile - Shortcut in qualifying - unsportmanslike behaviour, last warning before ban
BWG_Lracing - Shortcut qualifying - unsportmanslike behaviour, last warning before ban
2FAST4Y - Driving standards. Caused many incidents. Last warning before ban

Those drivers will be watched closely next round.

It was an action packed debut for the RETRO CUP 24 season: over 30 drivers took part at the qualifying and the race, making the brand new Le Mans-style start of the racing pretty exciting!

Lots of cars on track, lots of traffic, lots of drama, of course!

The magic of RETRO, and this was just the Prologue: next week, on monday, championship starts with the first official Round in Westhill!


ZFRL Thehemuli takes the headlines in the Prologue of the RETRO CUP 24 Season!

The ZFRL ace, started 4th on the grid, managed to keep it clean through the race, opposite to his rivals who, one after another, encountered troubles on the race track!
A promising prologue of the season for him, despite not feeling 100% confident with the McLarry package yet.

Another racer who kept it clean was SG Madjester, 2nd place for him, driving the Wessex74sp.

Heartbreak for Poleman and race leader for 30 laps, RG^LORENZO: the italian driver was looking comfortable in the lead with his BETA11F12, but a Tech Issue meant losing a lap, and falling back to P3 in class.

Disappointing prologue for the championship defender, RG^Rony, driving the "green dinosaur" Mclarry!
The RG Legend was leading the race in the first lap, before crashing out on a kerb and rolling over, losing a lap!

Same fate for S1dus Unite, who damaged his car in the early parts of the race. The S1dus driver decided to box and Rejoin later on, collecting valuable data for the First Round of the championship.

It was an up & down race for another legend of the championship, Mazdarati, who qualified P2 in his Martini Wessex74SP.
Race start was dramatic for him, as he went side by side on the grass with ZFRL Tehehemuli on the get go, before clashing lines with RG^Lorenzo in the banked corner.

Mazdarati spun out, started all over again and climbed back till P2 with a very competitive pace.
It was looking good for P2, not far from Lorenzo who did a pit-stop, but Mazdarati was collected in a bad way by 2FAST4Y's Porsche, who ended his race.


It was a dramatic race in the Supercars class, the most crowded of the day with 20 cars taking the start of the race.

Poleman f.n.c B. Botev managed to get a gap on the opposition in the first half of the race, driving his red BMW EM30!
It was looking all under control for Botev, until he made pit-stop for fresh tyres and came out right after his rival, /SRP/ Master on the Porsche JGT!

Botev attacked his rival on lap 24 and passed him in the fast section, but Master was all over him in the twisty sector.
The two made slight contact, but consequences were big, as Botev went spinning in the middle of the track and got collected again by Master and Mazdarati's Prototype, sending Botev into the air!

Meanwhile, S1dus Gabor himself had jumped in the lead, having done zero pit-stops, and managed to keep it until the chequered flag!

The Prologue's Podium was completed by /SRP/ Master and [MRC] Jsk , with [SQUID] Simox and BWGPETERFILE completing the top 5!


No Entries for the race in this class


The Porsche Whisperer, RG^M@ci3k, times Porsche Cup champion is back this season of Retro 24 and is looking for rivals"
Who can stop him?
Well, nobody else showed up in Rockingham in the Road Cars class besides the porsche whisperer, who kept his nose clean all race long and manages to finish in P17 overall, ahead of much faster cars!

It's looking good for the third consecutive title, but we're sure some rivals will pop up in the First Round of the Championship!

Ah! You can re-live M@ci3k's race from onboard in this great streaming!

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